Are Clemson and Florida State ranked too low in the BCS standings?

Not much to blog the last couple of days, but that doesn’t we don’t have content for you at AllSportsDiscussion. A few days Jimbo Fisher ranted about the BCS computer rankings. The ACCDN’s Riley Skinner agrees with Fisher and feels that Clemson and Florida State aren’t ranked high enough. For me it’s really simple… Florida State plays Florida the number 6 team in the BCS in 2 weeks. Clemson plays South Carolina the number 9 team in the BCS. If Florida State wins out, they are going to the Orange Bowl. If Clemson wins out, the consensus is they are going to the Sugar Bowl.

Clemson in will play a highly regarded SEC team in the Sugar Bowl, and Florida State can finish the year 13-1. I don’t agree with straight computer rankings either. I do think that they are things you can tell with your own eyes that a computer can’t tell you. In 2 weeks Clemson and FSU get their chance to go 3-0 in the regular season against the SEC. Then there’s the bowl games. The respect will come with winning…

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  1. Ringo Lapua says:

    Florida State will kick the C-R-A-P out of the gators next week as long as the good E.J. Manuel shows up for the game and not the bad E.J. Manual we saw in the N.C. State game and the VaTech game. I’ve often wondered why our BEST QUARTERBACK “TRICKETT” stands on the sidelines while E.J. hands off too slowly, makes repeated bad judgement calls, throws in front of or in back of the receivers and allows himself to get sacked much too often. In my opinion, Trickett should be the starter and Manuel should be the backup. If so, we would be where Notre Dame is now.

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