The Fantasy BCS scenario for Clemson

A few days we put together a fantasy BCS that would put Florida State very close if not getting into the national title game. Now let’s look at the Clemson Tiger fantasy scenario… Am I talking about Clemson in the national title?

No, way too many things have to happen to get Clemson from their 13th position in the BCS to one of the top two positions. Now what’s still rather unlikely but at least resides in the realm of possibility is Clemson getting an At Large BCS bid. What needs to happen? Here goes.

1)  First Clemson must win out. I’ve read a couple of things that suggested a 10-2 Clemson would be at large candidate. Forget it… There would be too many teams with better resumes and better computer numbers, but a Clemson team currently ranked 10 in the AP and 9th in the coaches would probably be ranked in the 5-8 range. This would include a win over a likely 9-2 South Carolina team. The BCS ranking would probably be in the top 10. Clemson needs to be in the top 14 for at-large bid.

2) After the BCS game selections are made 2 positions after the Big 12, ACC, SEC, Pac 12, Big 10, and Big East Champs/Representatives are selected. Notre Dame is a virtual lock for a BCS game if they get to 10 wins. With the Irish only needing to 2-2 against Pitt, Wake Forest, BC, and USC that’s a forgone conclusion. Now they could run the table which may land them in the national title game.

3) Now the tricky part. A mid-major will automatically get a BCS bid if it’s ranked in the top 12 or in the top 16 if it’s ranked higher than any BCS conference Champion. Boise St. sits 19th and is currently ahead of 20th ranked Nebraska, the highest ranked Big 10 team. If would certainly help if somewhere along the line if Boise St. lost, or the Big 10 champion actually be good to get ranked in the top 16.

4) This is a year where I’d be surprised if a 2 loss team would trump an 11-1 Clemson team. South Carolina is ranked 8th in the BCS with 2 losses, but Clemson plays them. After that Oklahoma with 2 losses is at 12, but 14/12 in the human polls. I don’t see a 2 loss Oklahoma jumping a 1 loss Clemson team.

5) The SEC can’t send more than 2 teams so eliminate several highly ranked SEC teams. So who does that leave? Oregon and Kansas State. Will an 11-1 Clemson team on an 8 game winning streak overtake an Oregon or Kansas State that loses late in the year? Hard to say… but it would be very close.

Two consecutive BCS games Clemson. Just keep winning and the Tigers are in the discussion.

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