Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere October 29, 2012.

First if you’re in the Northeast and reading this stay dry and safe folks. Maybe our little blog can distract you for a bit…

The football season is winding down into the home stretch… I can’t believe it’s gone so fast, but there’s still alot of football to played. What do you have for us ACC bloggers?

FromtheRumbleSeat assesses the dumpster fire of a season that’s developing  at Georgia Tech. One point I completely disagree with FromtheRumbleSeat is they say the Jackets talent is sufficient to be successful. I don’t think so. Paul Johnson has recruited and evaluated talent so poorly that his teams are a shell of his 08 and 09 squads. There are very few playmakers on either side of the ball. It’s clear the Jackets are one of the least talented teams in the ACC.

Need an ACC Power poll? ACCBlogger has one for you. 

What’s the good the bad and ugly report from the TarheelFanBlog? Lots of good I’d say after getting a 5 year monkey called NC State off your back.

Pretty interesting article from Tomahawknation on Vegas and the BCS. FSU fans are miffed that 2 loss South Carolina being ahead of them in the BCS standings. You know the same Gamecock team that has exactly the same number of quality wins (1) as Florida State. Vegas says the Noles would be favored in a game over Kansas St, Notre Dame, LSU, Georgia , and Florida.

GobblerCountry has a Q&A with Miami Blogger State of the U, before their big showdown game Thursday that could go a long way to deciding the ACC Coastal Division Champion. Virginia Tech and Miami don’t have to apologize that they’ve had uneven years. This is their chance to take control of the Coastal Division.

State of the U has their Q&A with Gobbler Country on the same game… 

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