ACC Weekend Watch for Saturday 10/20/2012

Short entry for tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow… In the meantime this weekend we have some intriguing matchups in the ACC: FSU\Miami, Clemson\Virginia Tech, Maryland\NC State. and Duke\North Carolina.

Frankly I give Miami virtually no chance to beat Florida State. The Canes have been somewhat of a surprise and it is a rivalry game, but the Noles learned their lesson against NC State about not going conservative early. I’m talking to you Jimbo Fisher. There’s that suspect Miami defense too…

Clemson should be ready for the Hokies. They dominated Virginia Tech last year, and the Hokie despite a good second half against Duke are not in Clemson’s class. Behind those FSU and Clemson we’re waiting for a team or two to really set themselves apart from the rest of the league. The winners of MD\NC State and Duke\UNC may do just that.

Here is the ACC Digitial Network previews some of these game.

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