The first BCS rankings of 2012 – Much ado about nothing

Let the complaining and frustration begin, the first BCS Rankings of 2012 are out!

Why is Florida ahead of Oregon? Why is Notre Dame is fifth after beating 3 teams that were ranked when they played? Mississippi St. is 12th without beating a team with a winning record?

Just relax people… It’s the middle of October. There’s plenty of football yet to be played. FSU feel a bit frustrated that Florida is 12 spots ahead 12 spots ahead. You get the Gators at the end of year.

Clemson don’t like being 19? You get your shot against a likely top 15 South Carolina team, and with a manageable schedule you should run the table until then.

Notre Dame? You still play Oklahoma and USC to prove your ultimate worth.

Oregon? USC, Stanford, and Oregon State still dot your schedule.

Maybe you want to complain about Alabama’s schedule? Will they did beat Michigan already on a neutral field, and if they win at LSU at night, plus an SEC Title game not one person will have a problem with their inclusion.

The bottom line there is plenty for jockeying for position. When 5 top 5 teams lost in the last 2 weeks, nothing is certain. In my estimation any team in top 20 still has a chance at the BCS Title game if they win out with 1 loss or less.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying a great chance, Actually, it may not even be a good chance, but win out from this point I’m guessing any 1 loss or undefeated BCS team is going to be in the top 10 somewhere.



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