Is Paul Johnson now on the hotseat at Georgia Tech?

It was a debacle in Atlanta Saturday, and absolute debacle. Georgia Tech lost by 3 TDs to a Middle Tennessee St  team they were favored to beat by more than 25 points. It was a humiliating loss.

It’s the kind of loss coaches and teams can have a very hard time recovering from.  Since a 10-1 start in 2009, Paul Johnson is 17-17 in his last 34 games, and it’s a pretty good bet he’ll fall below .500 after the Jackets game at Clemson next week.  The question has to be asked is Paul Johnson on the hotseat?

Let’s just say his seat is getting warmer by the minute. There are still 7 more games to be played for Georgia Tech this year, and maybe they can win 4 or 5 and the Jackets can make and win a bowl game or maybe they lose every game remaining on their schedule and finish 2-10. Don’t think it can happen ask Maryland who lost their final 8 games last year. If I am predicting things I believe the Jackets will finish with a 4-8, 5-7 season.

Regardless of what happens the rest of the year, I’d be very surprised if he is shown the door. What I do see happening is that Al Groh will not be roaming the sidelines at Georgia Tech as defensive coordinator at the end of the year. The 3-4 defense has been a complete disaster, and it is obvious some staff changes must be made. What truly concerns me long term for the Yellow Jackets is that Paul Johnson can’t recruit. He can’t recruit worth a darn to honest. His current class is ranked 48th by scout with just 1 4 star player, and he’s never signed a top 30 class.

At the end of this year, Johnson will have been at Georgia Tech for 5 years. The program is in decline and that’s a fact. If Johnson again struggles badly in 2013, he won’t see the start of the 2014. Johnson has the rest of this year and next year to turn things around. For his sake MTSU better have been the bottom, because he won’t have multiple years to fix things.

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