Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere September 24, 2012.

It was a wild weekend in the ACC, but a couple of ACC Florida schools are feeling pretty good about what occurred. Let’s check in on them and other blogger happenings in the ACC.

Let’s start with Florida State, who positioned themselves for a run at the national title game after getting tested by a very good Clemson team. Tomahawknation has some news and notes from the big win for the Seminoles.

How does Clemson blogger ShakintheSouthland feel about the Tiger’s season moving forward? They are feeling are pretty good.  Obviously there are major concerns defensively. Ok not just concerns, the defense is pretty bad. The thing is the offense is among the nation’s very best. Clemson will be favored in every game they play from here on out, with the possible exception of South Carolina at the end of the year.

After their stirring comeback victory over Georgia Tech, Miami blogger SeventhFloorBlog asks students to support their Canes.  Seriously Miami fans support your team, they are not half bad this year.

FromtheRumbleSeat tries to sort out debacle for Georgia Tech. Miami’s stirring comeback was Georgia Tech’s gut wrenching collapse. As a Yellow Jacket fan myself, I was irate by game’s end. I could admire Miami’s effort, but still be in disbelief a late defensive collapse happened for the 3rd time in 5 games. All I can say is I have no confidence in defensive coordinator Al Groh anymore. None, zero, zilch. It’s been 2 1/2 years no improvement, time to make a move Paul Johnson.

The Hokies put together their best game of the season says GobblerCountry against Bowling Green. Good win but Virginia Tech has sneaky tough game at 2-0 Cincinnati. The Bearcats manhandled a Pitt team that beat Virginia Tech. If the Hokies take care of business put them back in the top 25.

What does TestudoTimes think of Maryland’s spirited effort at West Virginia in a 10 point loss? Well I know they are  excited about future ACC Star Stephon Diggs and they thought the defensive line played pretty well which they did.

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