ACC Week 4 awards: The FSU, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good

National Championship Contender? 

Is it pre-mature to talk about Florida State as a national title contender, a true one? No not at all. Clemson scored 37 points and still lost by double digits. That’s the scary part about Florida State. The defense won’t give up 37 points to anyone else they face this year.

No one else on FSU’s schedule can come close to matching the playmakers Clemson has.  The defense may not give up 20 to any  else this year, but it’s the offense that looked explosive  and dangerous and makes FSU a real national title contender. If you can get into a shootout with the Noles they can score with you. E.J Manuel played like an elite quarterback. We’ll look more at the Noles and their national titles chances over the next few days.

Don’t call it a Clemsoning

Clemson made earn Florida State earn that game. At one point holding a 31-21 second half lead before the defense gave out. It was only a matter time before it happened, but if anyone calls this a Clemsoning they would be sorely mistaken and dead wrong.

The Tigers have a great offense and showed it. The Tigers have defensive issues and that showed through to. Clemson can still make it to a BCS game. Georgia Tech is unpredictable. The Tigers get them in Clemson, and if the Jackets have a 4th qtr lead they’ll just blow it anyways. Virginia Tech is at Clemson. Then there’s top 10 South Carolina which if Clemson can beat could leave them at 11-1 and in line for a 2nd straight BCS game.  There’s still alot to play for.

Welcome Back part 1

After the first quarter ended and Virginia Tech was tied with Bowling green 0-0, I started thinking oh man maybe this Hokie team is really mediocre. Then Virgina Tech erupted for 37 straight points and pitched a shutout. They rushed for 246 yards. Maybe this is the game that will get Virginia Tech on a roll. I have to believe the Pitt performance was an aberration more than anything. This is still a quality football team.

Welcome Back part 2

Giovani Bernard returned for UNC and scored two TD’s in a 27-6 win over East Carolina. The Heels are still tough to read but it was nice win today.

You forgot about me. 

You forgot about Miami didn’t you? Let’s give some credit to Miami for going into Atlanta against a hot Georgia Tech team and getting up early 19-0. They fell behind 36-19, but stormed back for a huge win. Maybe the Canes aren’t so bad. Their only loss was to a Kansas St. team that just won in Norman over Oklahoma. QB Stephen Morris shredded the Yellow Jacket’s defense for over 400 yards through the air. If Miami beats NC State next week they could be 4-1 before playing a very good Notre Dame team.

There’s Hope yet

I don’t often put teams that lose a game into the category for the Good, but I am with Maryland as I did Clemson. They lost 31-21 at West Virginia, but the Terps were physical with the Mountaineers giving them all they wanted. In fact it was one of the better defensive games anyone has played against West Virginia recently. The Terps still need more offensive punch, but they put up a nice effort in the loss.

Beating who we’re supposed to

I have said this before, it’s not always who you beat it’s who you don’t lose to. Just ask the Big 10… The ACC took on some lower level Division 1 Teams and FCS schools. Wake Forest 49 Army 37, Duke 38 Memphis 14, North Carolina State 52 The Citadel 14. Check, Check and Check.

The Bad

Time for a change. 

Virginia lost 27-7 today at TCU. The Cavs never really looked like they could win either. It was mistake prone ugly game for Virginia. You know what? It’s time for a change. Michael Rocco is an adequate quarterback, but he’s no game changer. Backup Phillip Sims is game changer. Sims may not know the offense as well, and there will be some growing pains, but he’s a player. He simply can do things athletically Rocco cannot. The Cavaliers offense needs a spark and Sims may be able to provide it.

The Ugly

Choking away another one… 

Blow 1 4th quarter game, give credit to the other team. Blow 2 4th quarter games, and you can blame the defensive players. Blow 3 4th quarter games in your last 5 outings and you have a major defensive coaching issue.

Georgia Tech blew another 4th qtr lead Saturday against Miami, and lost their 3rd straight overtime game. For a team considered Virginia Tech’s closest challenger the Yellow Jackets have been virtually eliminated from the ACC Coastal Division race before October. Paul Johnson now must take a long hard look at Defensive Coordinator Al Groh ask why again Georgia Tech has blown another game with a late game defensive collapse.

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