Louisiana-Monroe shocker over Arkansas reminds us, what’s good about College Football.

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned college football mega upset. The Appalachian St over Michigan type stuff. Tonight was one of those nights. Lousisan Monroe, a 30 point underdog, went to Little Rock, Arkansas, to face the top 10 ranked Arkansas Razorbacks. Now I couldn’t tell you the name of one ULM player. All I know, is sometime in the 4th quarter the score was 28-21, and I started watching.

Are you serious? The same Louisiana-Monroe team that was 4-8 last season and lost to Florida State 34-0 and Iowa 45-17 was giving 8th ranked Arkansas a run for their money?  Heck they hadn’t had a winning season since 1980. I had to see this, and the rest of the sports nation did to.

Get a group of kids together, that have no earthly business playing with an SEC power Teams like Warhawks aren’t supposed to beat teams like the Razorbacks, but beat them they did. An upset like that reminds us what’s good about College Football. Conference expansion, TV Contracts, Playoff formats and on and on and on sometimes seem to dominate the headlines. Thankfully Louisiana-Monroe reminded us how stirring a truly remarkable upset can be.

Well for everybody else, but Arkansas fans. Arkansas coach John L. Smith may not want to get too comfortable within the Razorback offices. Losses like that don’t usually sit well with major conference fanbases.



  1. Anthony says:

    I don’t feel that it is really that big of an upset. What is “upsetting” is how highly ranked all SEC teams are to start the year before they even play a game….it’s like getting a grade on a Calculus exam before you even take it!

    1. Jfann says:

      It’s probably why official polls shouldn’t be released at least a month into the season… I don’t question that the SEC is solid, and at the top very good, but 5 teams to open the season in the top 10?

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