Is Michael Phelps the greatest Olympic Athletic ever?

With the close of the 2012 Olympics upon us, one question keeps coming up. Is swimmer Michael Phelps the greatest Olympic Athlete ever? He is the most decorated athlete after all. Phelps has a won a total of 22 Olympic Medals. You may be able to argue Phelps is not even the greatest Olympic athlete in the last 2 Olympics. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt might hold that honor. Everytime Bolt runs you are in awe. Other Olympians I think you’d have to consider… Jesse Owens the 4 time Gold Medalist of the 1936 Olympics, Mark Spitz – he of the 7 Gold Medals in the 1972 Olympics.

Maybe there’s someone that should hold the title.

For me I am going with Jesse Owens. His 4 Gold Medal statement in front of Adolf Hitler… wow… The incredible pressure he was under. Literally the weight of world politics was on his shoulders and he came up with a legendary performance. Who get’s your vote?

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