Our Q&A with former Virginia Tech linebacker, Vegas Robinson

We are happy here at All Sports Discussion to have an interview with former Virginia Tech football player, Vegas Robinson ( he is at @Mr_Vegas6 on Twitter).  From 1999 to 2003, Vegas played linebacker for the Hokies.  In 2003, Vegas was 2nd-team All Big East. One of Vegas’ plays I remember the most was that key interception vs. Texas A&M – and yeah, that was on the road vs. the Wrecking Crew.  Vegas was a vocal leader for the team.  Oh, and there is this one-arm tackle on Kellen Winslow!!!  Big time players come up with big plays – and Vegas was one of those guys.

@HokieGuru:  So, what made you decide to become a Hokie?

@Mr_Vegas6: A combination of things played in my decision. I wanted to go to a school that most importantly I felt comfortable with. When your being recruited it’s a lot of people with opinions where they see you playing and being successful. Coach Stinespring who did a wonderful job recruiting the 757 are really sold me on Tech. Most importantly he made my family and I believe in Virginia Tech. He painted a picture of a place that I would hate to leave and now I truly see the truth he was sharing.

@HokieGuru:  Are you going down to Blacksburg this year for any football games?

@Mr_Vegas6: Yes I am and I’m truly excited about seeing my Hokies beat up on Georgia Tech. This will actually be my first time seeing a game live since I graduated. So this is going to be a very special night. Night game Lane Stadium. That alone makes this long journey from Kuwait bittersweet.

@HokieGuru:  On a professional basis, what are you doing today?

@Mr_Vegas6: Well after college I moved to Maryland where I was working with this Reality Company. In dying need of some excitement and just an overall change I took a job overseas. I’ve been in Kuwait the last 3 years doing contracting work in support of the US Military. Great experience that allows me to see the world.

@HokieGuru:  Who are some of the Hokies and NFL football players you still stay in contact with?

@Mr_Vegas6: Thank god for these social networking sites. This lets me reach out and hear from a mass of former Hokies. A few to name Shyrone Stith who is like a big brother to me. Dwight Vick, Corey Moore, Ty Edmonds, Lamar Cobb, DJ Parker. I keep in touch with a few basketball players also. Brian Chase, Jamon Gordon, Britney Anderson and Kirby Copeland.

@HokieGuru:  Please tell our readers about some of your memorable experiences as a Virginia Tech football player.

@Mr_Vegas6: One of most memorable experience was the walk up to Lane Stadium before the Miami game my senior year. That was a very special moment for me. It was something thats hard to describe but I remember walking with my headphones on full blast and not being able to hear a word through them. It was crazy how loud it was out there. It seemed like the longest walk because the fans was grabbing you and giving you that extra motivation. At that point I knew it was nothing that would stop us from winning that game.

@HokieGuru:  What is your fondest memory at Virginia Tech?

@Mr_Vegas6: Fondest memory was senior day. Very emotional day for me. That day I knew it was going to be my last time running on that field. Having the fans show you support the way they did made it a day that I will never forget.

@HokieGuru:  How much do you miss your time at Virginia Tech?

@Mr_Vegas6: Man I miss Tech badly. Being in the real world and overseas makes me miss the little things. Having two a days and late meetings doesn’t sound too bad at all now. I’m just happy that I get a chance to go back and visit. Very anxious to see how much the area has changed.

@HokieGuru:  What is your prognosis for the 2012 Virginia Tech football team?

@Mr_Vegas6: This 2012 team can be a very special group. They have a lot of talent on that team. One thing I know they will be well prepared. It’s more about how they come together with some of the new guys and injuries. Not too worried about the new guys but the injuries can be the deal breaker. I just hope everything works out in our favor. I know the time and hard work these guys put in alone will make them very competitive. I’m just looking forward to watching these guys compete at a high level they worked so hard to reach.

@HokieGuru:  During your time, Virginia Tech was the Big East’s leader in football (and has continued that excellent tradition as part of the Atlantic Coast Conference).  To what do you attribute that success?  Coaching longevity?  The top-notch strength and conditioning program?  Elite players?

@Mr_Vegas6: I think the leadership and vision of the coaching staff. They’ve done a great job of taking the next step. Each year it seems the goals set get a little higher and they work towards that. Whether its upgrading facilities, changing the conditioning program, and adding different wrinkles to the playbooks. The commitment and time put in is really making the difference of putting together a dominant football program.

@HokieGuru:  Any advice for the young men out there that read this about getting ready for college and beyond from your experiences as a football player?  Was there anything that you took from your away experience on the football team that could help you in other areas of life? We know that you’re working in the area of higher education – any advice you have for students (and these can be non-athletes, as well) as they get ready for college?  Vegas, here’s your chance to generate some free-flow prose – be wordy – we love it.

@Mr_Vegas6: One thing I took from Virginia Tech was how to be accountable. Not just on the football field but in everyday life. I was taught  to hold yourself responsible for your actions. What you put in is what you get out. Either on the football field or in the classroom. Take the classroom serious. Trust me getting an education from Virginia Tech can’t do anything but help in life. I know we all as football players have that dream of playing at the next level. We all don’t get to fulfill that dream or if we do it may be short lived. That’s why it’s important to be a student athlete instead of just a football player. Have a plan for when that day comes that football is over. Reach out to former players, coaches, and mentors for advice. These are free resources to help you understand that just because football is over doesn’t mean your life stops. You’ve been armed with so much knowledge and experience. Now it’s your chance to create a name for yourself all over.  It’s like you’re a freshman trying to prove you belong. So take that same mind frame and go succeed in life.

It was an honor to interview Vegas Robinson, one of Virginia Tech football’s legends. GO HOKIES!!

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