How would you rate NBC’s coverage of the Olympics so far?

Ah it’s the opening weekend of the Olympics… USA! USA! USA! The Olympics are always fun to watch, and for me they’ll bridge the gap to football season. Anyways there was quite a lot of complaining on twitter today about the coverage by NBC. There was tape delay of some of the premier events like swimming.

The online webcasts didn’t always work. All the stations covering the games from the obvious like NBC to Bravo? were confusing.

Were sports fans being too hard on NBC? I mean events that were set for primetime could be seen online… (if it worked). Just go to NBCSports.com to find coverage listing. If you wanted to watch, it was somewhere.

My biggest gripe was the tape delay. In a world of instant information most everyone knew the results of Ryan Lochte of the Michael Phillips race moments after it ended. The event could have been shown on television by NBC in the afternoon, and then shown again in primetime. Come on it’s America. If U.S athletes are winning medals, we are going to watch it again at night. A lot of people would have preferred to see it live. Ok Maybe I’m wrong so let’s see what you out there think.

Are you happy with NBC’s coverage?


  1. nickp says:

    if CTV decided to show Canada hockey at Olympics 8 hours after it was live?

  2. dragonfly58 says:

    the sports casters need to SHUT UP ! I would like to watch a swimming event or gymnastics without a commentator telling me “What the athlete is thinking”, “Here comes a big move”, etc, etc. during the event. It is pretty bad when you have to hit mute to be able to concentrate or an event.

  3. amos says:

    This is the Olympics (hint sporting events) not how Brian’s mummy and daddy feel, this is not people magazine we want news and results not ads and delays I wish I had signed up with another cable company that had Canadian television

  4. Jae says:

    I love that they are showing womens sports and think its good for the women to get some TV time. But they have gone so far as to cut out mens sports now and we have to watch womens ping pong and fencing when there is mens gymnastics and swimming. Every channel has womens sports on. I find my self watching the news because I am so sick of watching womens sports.

  5. George says:

    The delay is crazy. We win a gold in judo and you get to see 3 seconds of the match. USA vs Japan in soccer for gold and all they showed was highlights. We set our DVR to record all. We keep seeing repeats of the same events. The announcers were annoying. Too much attention to water polo and no coverage or very limited of other events. This has been the worst coverage ever.
    On a positive note, Team USA Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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