Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere July 23, 2012.

The ACC released their pre-season favorites to win the divisions (Florida State and Virginia Tech), the conference championship winner (Florida State) and the player of the year favorite Clemson’s Sammy Watkins. @HokieGuru sent this to me early in the day… with his ACC press releases, but unfortunately I couldn’t get to a computer to post earlier.

Also the ACC put out a special Headlines around the Web edition, that I put together for ACC Media Days. Check that out please.

On to the bloggers!

With Joe Paterno having to vacate more than a decade of wins due to NCAA sanctions related to the Jerry Sandusky case, Bobby Bowden becomes Division 1’s all time winningest coach. There is no celebration in this, because of the circumstances involved. FSU blog Tomahawknation discusses this story, but takes the high road in addressing what the greater issue is.

ShakinintheSouthland asks Can Sammy Watkins win a Heisman?  I don’t think it’s completely out of the question, but Watkins off the field trouble earlier this year will hurt and he’s probably starting outside the top 5 candidates. If Clemson loses to Auburn and Florida State there is no chance. He probably needs a 11-1 or better Clemson to have a real shot.

Don’t ask Boston College blog BCInterruption if they would accept Notre Dame as a partial member. The answer is no.  It was an interesting topic, which got some whispers at the ACC media days. I was originally very much against this, but I’m warming to the idea should the ACC presidents be fully behind it. Notre Dame would need to play a minimum of at least 4 ACC opponents a season, and under no circumstances should ND ever be picked over an ACC team for a bowl game in an ACC Tied Bowl game. That would be among the first clear stipulations I would make. Honestly though I don’t see much to this though. Aside from some sort of future Orange Bowl agreement, which I think should include scheduling some regular season games together, Notre Dame really has no reason to move their Olympic Sports at the moment.

Last week Syracuse made their move to the ACC after official. A couple of days later Pittsburgh did the same. Get familiar with Pitt at their blog CardiacHill. Syracuse’s blog in case you missed it last week is NunesMagician.

ACCBlogger gives his fullpredictions on the ACC from team finishes to his All-ACC team selections. They are some very reasonable picks in my opinion.

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