Syracuse and Pittsburgh to join the ACC in 2013-2014

Good evening, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and college sports fans.  Looks like Syracuse and Pittsburgh will join the ACC much sooner than expected.  This is good news for the ACC.

According to the Associated Press, Syracuse will join the ACC on July 1, 2013 (a year earlier than expected).  Under the terms of the agreement, Syracuse will pay an exit fee of $7.5 million to the Big East (this is $2.5 million more than specified by the conference bylaws).

SB Nation’s Pittsburgh site (via CBSSports.com) is also reporting that Pittsburgh has reached an agreement to leave the Big East – and will also join the ACC on July 1, 2013.  Pittsburgh will also pay an exit fee of $7.5 million to the Big East.

Nunes Magician, SB Nation’s Syracuse sports blog run by Sean Keeley, gives you an idea of what Syracuse’s 2013-2014 ACC Football, Basketball & Lacrosse schedules might look like.

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