Lebron James gets his title and Jerry Sandusky gets his.

Just a short post for tonight, but a couple of significant stories the last couple of nights.

The Miami Heat and Lebron James finally got their title. Now we can stop with Lebron ringless jokes. I’m not a Lebron fan. I liked him at Cleveland, but got annoyed by his free agent fiasco.

Frankly I’m fairly indifferent to James, but I will give him a lot of credit for one thing. No other athlete in recent memory had been more scrutinized for failure to win the big one than James. He didn’t complain he kept working at it, and now he’s a champion.

The guy has unbelievable talent and now we’ll get to see what he can do without that giant monkey on his back. Kevin Durant may be the future, but James is the present and I’ll be very interested if he’ll able to move himself into the elite status of the Jordans, Birds, Johnsons, and Bryants. The first one is usually the toughest and now he has that. The next few years should be fun to watch.

The other big story was the Jerry Sandusky verdict. He was found guilty of 45/48 counts with a sentence of over 400 years. I’m glad justice was served. This was a terrible tragic story that I hope can bring some sense of closure to the victims of this man.

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