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Greetings, I’m @HokieGuru and we are delighted here at All Sports Discussion to have an interview with Hokie Club representative,


The Hokie Club is Virginia Tech’s Athletic Foundation that supports all of its varsity-sponsored NCAA Division I Athletics.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Bio:  Ryan Ferguson  32  New Kent, VA



When did you attend Virginia Tech? What made you decide to attend Virginia Tech?

I graduated from the Pamplin College of Business in 2003.  My father is also a graduate of VPI and I was born and raised Orange and Maroon.

On a professional basis, what are you doing today?

I am a Project Manager for Chesapeake Masonry Corporation in Hampton, VA.  I estimate and manage many government and institutional jobs throughout the area.e you doing today?

Tell our readers about the mission of the Hokie Club and it’s importance to Virginia Tech athletics.  Here’s your chance to generate some free flow prose.  Please be very wordy.

The purpose of the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, more commonly known as the Hokie Club, is to provide a base of professional fundraising services, athletic contributions, and other assistance through which alumni, friends, and others may enhance the development of Virginia Tech Athletics.

Why should the average Virginia Tech alumni join the Hokie Club?

Anyone who has concern for the university and its image both on a local and national level should make contributions to the Hokie Club, if they are able to do so.  Because of Virginia Law, no tax money whatsoever goes to athletics at VT (unlike WV and MD).  The Hokie Club currently sponsors 21 varsity sports and have approx 500 participants, not including managers or student trainers.  Of those 21 sports, only football and basketball operate at a profit.  VT uses the funds generated from those two sports, along with funds generated by the Hokie Club, to pay for the 19 other sports.  This includes coaches, secretaries, travel, equipment, uniforms, medical attention, and publicity.  Every bit of support helps!

What are your most memorable experiences as a member of the leadership in the Hokie Club?

Some of my most memorable experiences as a Rep always include rubbing elbows with the football coaching staff at many of our lunch and dinner functions.

Is there anything that you can take away from your experience in the Hokie Club that helps you now in your professional career?

I find that being a Hokie as limitless benefits.  No matter where I go, I’m always able to seek out another fellow Hokie, whether it be social or professional.  The relationships that are built from that can last a lifetime.  HOKIE NATION is a tight group and always will be.

Based on your experiences as a member of the Hokie Club, what advice can you give young alumni out there who want to be part of this group?

Start contributing early, because no matter what amount large or small, every little bit helps.  You will earn points which will increase your ranking for many years to come.  The Hokie Club point system has many different levels with benefits at each one.  During most seasons, only active Hokie Club members are able to purchase season tickets for football and men’s basketball.  Your seat location as well as parking spot will be based on your priority ranking.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  ryfergus@vt.edu


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