Late Thoughts for June 9, 2012

I haven’t had much time to blog the last couple of days, but I should be getting back to it tomorrow. I just have a few thoughts for today, just so you all know I’m still keeping up with things.

I haven’t talked about conference expansion in over 2 weeks.I said I wasn’t going to either until some papers got signed. I should have prefaced that by saying any truly noteworthy statements would also lift my personal ban. Considering statements out of Florida State today, I do think it’s appropriate to put some things out there, especially with the collegiate playoff meetings coming up. Don’t worry I’m not going to begin a daily article on expansion. I’m going put something together on the FSU statements, then back into the expansion hole until some significant credible news comes out again.

That said I’ll do that in the next couple of days.

I never thought I’d say this but I’m going to be rooting for the Miami Heat to beat the Boston Celtics in game 7. Honestly I think it would create the most compelling NBA Finals matchup we’ve seen in years. Who doesn’t love what the Oklahoma City Thunder are bringing to the court right now? Kevin Durant and the Thunder play like they simply just enjoy the game of basketball. You don’t see that often anymore in professional sports. The Heat still feature one Mr. Lebron James. James showed in game 6 against Boston why he is arguably the NBA’s most talented player. I think this series would have such good storylines and would be great fun to watch.

Final thoughts – Florida State can start packing their bags for Omaha in they can finish of Stanford Saturday night, and NC State is going to be the underdogs but they get their shot in Game 1 against a very good Florida Gator team on Saturday also.

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