Losing to your rival stinks. (South Carolina takes out Clemson)

What’s pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you as a sports fan? You know what is… It’s losing to closest most hated rival at anything.

When you are Clemson fan and live South Carolina like me your biggest rival are those South Carolina Gamecocks.

Now I’m not taking anything away from South Carolina. Sometimes you say that’s arguably the best team… When you are the two-time defending national champions, there is no arguable. The Gamecocks have been college baseball’s best program. That doesn’t make losing to them any easier or better.

The Gamecocks were the better team going in, but up 4-2 in the 8th inning on Saturday I thought maybe the Tigers could pull off the upset. Win and maybe Clemson might have a shot winning the region. Lose and Tigers had a very slim chance of winning 3 straight games to advance.

Well I actually I thought if they lost Saturday they had no chance. The Gamecocks came back and won Saturday. Clemson faced South Carolina again after beating Coastal Carolina Sunday.

It was a hard fought, but Tigers lost 4-3 to be eliminated by South Carolina.

Great now my facebook page is filled with happy Gamecock fans. Tomorrow at the day job, you get to hear from more Gamecocks. Any local sports radio will be more South Carolina fans. If you’re a Clemson fan there’s not a thing you can say or do about it either. They have the bragging rights. They earned them.

They’ve won the 3 last football games, the last basketball game, and just swept the Tiger baseball team right out the NCAA tournament.

Yep losing to your rival stinks.

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