My final thoughts on the Big 12/ACC expansion topic.

This is it. I’ve had enough. I’m taking a stand on the only site I can control this one. These are going to be my last thoughts on conference expansion, until someone actually signs some papers. Between May 6-18 when I was actively discussing the topic my blog picked up more traffic than I ever had before.

This is a modest blog that @HokieGuru helps me with, and when we receive over 1000 visits a day, then it’s a hot topic. I was picking up 10-15 twitter followers everytime I made a comment, so in that regard I’m trading blog traffic and twitter followers for writing about the actual upcoming football season, the NBA playoffs or whatever else we’re interested in.

Speaking for last time on the topic here are my parting shots. I have no ties to the ACC other than helping a little on some social networking stuff. I am a pro-ACC person because I attended two ACC schools Clemson and Georgia Tech. Strictly speaking as fan of the two schools I don’t like the move to the Big 12.

When I think of how much Texas ($133 Million) and Oklahoma ($94 Million) vs Clemson ($58 Million) Georgia Tech ($55 Million) spend on athletics, even with a few million dollars bump that Texas and Oklahoma also get, I fear the schools I follow most will be spent into the ground. It’s a losing arms race. Both Clemson and Georgia Tech would be at or near the bottom of Big 12 spending. USA Today lets you compare athletic budgets….    Remember your increase is their increase… Throw in that most Championship events would likely be held in the Midwest or Texas and these are virtual home games for current Big 12 members while Clemson and Georgia Tech get to travel across the country. I attend many championship events and they are within driving distance. They would not be in the future should they move, and I simply couldn’t go to as many.

Lastly the point the ACC would get left out of any playoff is just ridiculous. Any conference of 14 teams that includes Florida State, Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech isn’t getting left out of any format. I had prepared an article a couple of weeks ago where I looked at every final BCS Standings, before expansion went viral. Yes only the 2007 Virginia Tech team would have been the ACC’s only 4 team playoff representative going back to 2005, but that is a shortsighted and incorrect analysis of the rankings. I won’t even discuss an undefeated ACC team, that’s a virtual given final 4 team, but look at closer at the data, which most people failed to do. Extrapolate where the final 1 loss ACC team winning out would have ended. In each case the ACC would have been high enough to be in the thick of the national title discussion. I may decide to post this later.

As a fan of both schools, I will always think a decision to move is the wrong one barring being left out of the upcoming playoff format which wouldn’t happen if the ACC stays together.

Thursday the Clemson Board of Trustees will meet to discuss Clemson’s future. Some say it’s a formality to head to the Big 12 some say they will commit to the ACC. Either way it’s not a slam dunk final decision, but it will go a long way one way or the other to finishing things off.

Whatever happens I’m still a Clemson and Georgia Tech fan first…


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