Ask A Blogger Series: NCStateFootball Talks North Carolina State University Spring Football

Next on our Ask a Blogger series is the NC State Wolfpack.

Good evening from @HokieGuru.  I’m here today to discuss the ACC spring football practice with each bloggers from each of the 12 Atlantic Coast Conference teams.  What follows is our interview with @NCStateFootball on North Carolina State University football.   Here’s the dude’s bio verbatim:  “Anyone who can pull for NC State over the last 20 years of disappointments and let downs is mentally tough (or disturbed, your call) and that describes @NCStateFootball.  As a State fan your glass is always half full and half empty at the same time and that is him to a “T”.  A long time fan, alumni, booster who was born into this life of constant heartache when he’s not tweeting about NC State football he’s busy working on his projects and applications in attempt to change the world! His full time job is working as the web marketing expert for Twiddy.com”  Without further ado, here’s our interview below:

@HokieGuru:  Tell us about your spring game – how was the turnout?  Was the team well received?

@NCStateFootball: I’ve been to a lot of NC State spring games and this was by far the largest turnout I’ve ever seen.  ¾ of the entire lower bowl was full and the upper deck on the East was 75% full. People were in mid-season form with their tailgates and if you didn’t know any better you’d have thought it was September. Good job #PackNation

@HokieGuru: What are some of the major strengths coming out of spring practice?

@NCStateFootball: The obvious answer is Mike Glennon and the defense. I mean the guy threw for 30 TDs and 3,000+ yards but he still hardly gains any attention. I really expect for him to have a big season.  On the defensive side of the ball the strength of our secondary is well documented but the D-line is what could be the real game changer. Last season we were decimated with injuries and forced young guys to play well before the usual TOB plan which could be a blessing in disguise this year.  If everyone stays healthy we’ll have very solid depth and experience on the line which should create pressure and allow our aggressive secondary to reap big rewards.

@HokieGuru: What are some of the major weaknesses coming out of spring practice?  In other words, what do you think North Carolina State will be working on in August before the first game?  What are the questions that you think have to be resolved?

@NCStateFootball: Line Backers! We expected to lose Audi Cole to graduation and still return DJ Green and Terrell Manning but Manning made the leap to the NFL (arguable too early) and DJ Green is being held out for some illegal substance he didnt know he took.  That leaves us with a bunch of green horns competing for playing time.  I think we have the athletes and the right coach (Tenuta) to coach’em up but the lack of experience will definitely be what TOB & Co focus on in the spring. On the plus side, our defense scheme mainly uses LBs for blitzes and with the solid defensive line up front to occupy space, these guys should be able to roam free and make plays.

@HokieGuru: Fall will be here before we know it – what position concerns you the most?

@NCStateFootball: LBs as previously stated or WR. Our WR corp will be lead by the very speedy Tobais Palmer but after that there is room for anyone to step up. Bryan Underwood is also a burner but has to be more consistent catching the ball.  Quinton Payton is the protoypical TOB big WR but he has to run better routes to get open more.  The two guys I look at to step up are RS-Freshman Maurice Morgan and RS Freshman Hakeem Flowers.  Flowers was the gem of his recruiting class and will be the guy down the line but he’ll be counted on early and often this year and I think we’ll see some big things from him.  Morgan on the other hand wasn’t highly recruited out of high school but he came to State’s camp and ran a 4.3 40 and immediately got an offer.  The kid is big (6-2+), fast and has big play written all over him, if he can catch the ball consistently he’s a name you’ll be hearing a lot of in the coming years.

@HokieGuru: Who are the new recruits that you are impressed with the most?  Are there any that you think will get some major playing time right away?

@NCStateFootball: For the incoming class, i don’t expect many to see playing time. We’ve got the depth and if everyone stays healthy I think you’ll only see the 2 JUCOs play, Robert Caldwell (LB) and Deylan Buntyn (DT).  Caldwell was a JUCO tackling machine and with the lack of depth at the LB spot, I think is expected to occupy the MLB spot from the get go.  Buntyn on the other hand was an NC State commit out of high school who went to Military School to get his grades and life right. He’s back on track, enrolled at State in the spring and is already the strongest guy on the team as a sophomore.  He is an absolute beast and if he gets his technique down will be a terror in the middle at 6-4 325lbs and you know how TOB loves big strong DTs.

Of the incoming guys who have yet to enroll, Charlie Hegedus could see playing time at WR but I’m guessing most will redshirt.  The guy who has impressed me most has been K’hadree Hooker and he hasn’t spent a minute in a State uniform.  The guy loves State.  He’s been a huge recruiter and will no doubt be a fan favorite in the coming years because of his work ethic, high character, talent and love for the Pack. He’s going to be fun to watch and get to know for 4 years.

@HokieGuru: Based on what you saw/read from spring practice, do you think North Carolina State will be better than last year?  Why or why not?

@NCStateFootball: All signs point to yes. State returns 14 starters and has depth in all the right places.  If we stay healthy the Pack will without a doubt be a contender for the Atlantic once again. TOB is a notoriously slow starter but we can’t have that this year as we open up with Tennessee in the Georgia Dome.

@HokieGuru: Give us the pulse of the North Carolina State football program – what are the Wolfpack bloggers/fans thinking right now on the status of the program?

@NCStateFootball: The excitement is at an all time high and it isn’t even close but at the same time the pressure is on TOB. He’s got no excuses anymore. This is his team with the depth and athletes how he wants it.  If we underperform this year Debbie Yow will be watching closely and I’m sure she is itching to put her guy in place if we don’t succeed on the field.  Overall, I think State fans are excited but also proud of what we have for a team.  TOB has been able to build a team with high quality individuals and do it the right way. When seemingly everyone in college football is cheating, oversigning or busy painting their nails State has won the second most games in the ACC over the last 5 years, put the most players in the NFL draft this past season (tied with Miami), beat UNC 5 times in a row and done it without major off-field incidents.  Now if TOB can just add an ACC championship to that and continue beating UNC, State might erect a statue of TOB TOBing outside Carter-Finley.

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