Ask A Blogger Series: BCMike22 talks Boston College Spring Football

This is the topic I prefer to talk about. Previewing teams, opponents etc. I really don’t like talking about money expansion side, though I did say my peace today on the topic. Let’s get on with @HokieGuru’s great series as he talks with Boston Colleg’s own @BCMike22.

Good evening from @HokieGuru.  I’m here today to discuss the ACC spring football practice with each bloggers from each of the 12 Atlantic Coast Conference teams.  What follows is our interview with @BCMike22.  He is one half of BCDraft.com (he says he is arguably the lesser half lol), a Boston College (BC) athletics blog that is dedicated to “drafting” all things Boston College related.  He enjoys home brewing, blogging sports over working, and talking about himself in the third person. Here we go with our interview below!!!

@HokieGuru:  Tell us about your spring game – how was the turnout?  Was the team well received?

@BCMike22: Well, let’s talk about the elephant in the room first.  The turnout was not 200 as many have lazily reported.  The actual number is somewhere around 1,500-1,750 based on numerous, numerous eyewitness accounts.  Now, let’s not ignore the fact that 1,500 is a number that is plenty shame worthy on it’s own…it absolutely is…but this random 200 number was originally sourced to some lazy hack who threw up a Bleacher Report article and well, we all know what sort of qualifications you need to get published there.

Why was the turnout so bad?  Reason 1-45 is Frank “ #FireSpaz “ Spaziani, the man responsible for sinking this ship faster than anyone could have possibly imagined.  There is precious little excitement from fans and GDF (Gene DeFilippo, Boston College AD) made it that much worse claiming that what the fans and alums thought “doesn’t matter” and that Spaz is the “best coach we’ve had in 15 years”.  

If you’re unfamiliar with that quote, I’ll let it sink in.  Go ahead and re-read that.  Take time to reflect on past BC football coaches that took us to the A3CG, then think about Jerry York, who just won his third NCAA Hockey title (fourth overall with BC) in five years.

Yes, in GDF’s eyes, Spaz > York.  

I digress.

So the fan support from the die-hards isn’t there–and that’s when you’re in a really dark place.  There’s just no excitement from anyone.  Now the other factors which played a role, but certainly not one that influenced droves of people from not going…it was cold, raining for a solid day, and high winds, so the rain was a stinging rain (in my best Forest Gump voice), not exactly the environment you take your kids to sit out in the elements for three hours in.

The only excitement surrounding this program currently is an eye on 2013 and a hope of a wish of a dream of a prayer that if this season turns out as poorly as most expect, we’ll have a new name on the door on the office of the Head Coach of football at Boston College.

@HokieGuru: What are some of the major strengths coming out of spring practice?

@BCMike22: As much as everyone knows that we’ll miss Keeks (Carolina Panthers’ 9th overall pick, LB Luke Kuechly), linebackers are probably the strongest position on the team and even though the defense was put out on the field to get worn down constantly last season, they really did play pretty well overall.  LB’s Kevin Pierre-Louis (“KPL”), Sean Duggan (from Keeks’ HS in Cincy, IIRC), Steele Divitto, Nick Lifka, Andre Lawrence, and Nick Clancy would all, I believe, likely start just about anywhere in the ACC.  They are a really strong group.  Not saying they’re all better than every other ACC team out there, but I’m willing to say each would very likely make the top three on any one team.  KPL is the one to watch, great instincts and incredible athleticism.

@HokieGuru: What are some of the major weaknesses coming out of spring practice?  In other words, what do you think Boston College will be working on in August before the first game?  What are the questions that you think have to be resolved?

@BCMike22: What, you mean other than Frank Spaziani?  Well, because Chase Rettig hasn’t had enough problems thrown his way, the powers that be decided a third OC in three years would be fun.  Enter: Doug Martin, former HC at Kent State.  Martin is a Steve Logan disciple (we all love and miss Steve Logan, btw), so there’s some hope there…but still, it’s yet another new system with new lingo and new routes and new blocking schemes, etc.  You can’t ever expect new systems to be 100% by the start of the first game.

@HokieGuru: Fall will be here before we know it – what position concerns you the most?

@BCMike22: Head Coach.

@HokieGuru: Who are the new recruits that you are impressed with the most?  Are there any that you think will get some major playing time right away?

@BCMike22: I would be very surprised to hear of any of the true freshman cracking the two deep.  I’ve heard good things about Canadian Joel Zoungrana (I’m going to start calling him “Joey Z” soon), a supposed two star WR, but the recruiting services don’t tend to think anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line can play football, let alone the lower 48.  He might get some PT, I don’t know.

@HokieGuru: Based on what you saw/read from spring practice, do you think Boston College will be better than last year?  Why or why not?

@BCMike22: There’s not a lot of reason for optimism right now.  

@HokieGuru: Give us the pulse of the Boston College football program – what are the Eagles bloggers/fans thinking right now on the status of the program?

@BCMike22: #FireSpaz

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