Conference members grade the ACC’s new TV Deal. (A Little Humor, A Little Levity)

Surprisingly the ACC’s new Television contract was announced today. For all the insiders out there, nobody had a clue it was going to be released this week. It looks to be about 17.1 Million per team, an increase of roughly 4 Million Dollars over the previous agreement. Originally it was thought the additions of Pittsburgh and Syracuse would add only 1-2 Million per team. The good news is the ACC doubled to quadrupled that. The bad news is the ACC still trails the other 4 (Big 12, Big 10, Pac 12, SEC) major conferences.

I felt that a 1-2 Million increase would leave the ACC in trouble. If the deal was over 20 Million it was a home run. 16-19 Million was the “probably” safe for the future number. I don’t even want to get into the Tier 3 revenue except some argue it’s a cash cow, and others suggest who’s going to watch the 10th, 11th, and 12 best games on your football schedule?

Also I don’t know other sources of revenue for ACC team. I do know North Carolina has a pretty lucrative radio deal. Does the ACC have other major revenue streams? I’m pretty sure the ACC presidents and ADs have all the figures and numbers. They will make informed decisions for their schools. I hope the conference stays together as it is. My feeling is it will but you never know with this stuff.

So how did some of conference members fans react? Judging by what I’ve read, fan reaction here is my don’t take it seriously take on how each team’s fanbase graded the deal. Here goes… Come on folks have a little fun.

Pittsburgh, Syracuse – A+

This is way more money than the Big East! Everybody happy now? Yes? Can we just start playing now?

Boston College – A

As long as we don’t take UCONN in the conference I don’t care about anything else, and we won the Hockey National Title so bite me.

Wake Forest – A

We are so glad we joined the ACC when it started, because we’d have nowhere to go.

North Carolina – A

If your basketball team was as good as ours you’d make a bunch of extra of money too.

Duke – A

We know “we” stink at football. Florida State, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Miami should be winning more football games and we’d all get more money.

Georgia Tech – B

We’re very good with numbers at Georgia Tech. Let me explain Tier 3 rights because you don’t understand them Clemson and Florida State.

NC State – B

The deal? The deal is I’m going to punch some UNC and Duke fans in the face when my basketball team beats theirs next year.

Miami – B

They brought me in to win football games. I didn’t win football games. Oh well off to the beach!

Maryland – C+

Does the contract get rid of Randy Edsall no? To call the Big 10 or not to call the Big 10.

Virginia Tech – C

I love the ACC, I hate the ACC, I love the ACC, I hate the ACC.

Florida State – F

I know we’re 3-0 the last 2 years against the SEC, it’s Wake Forest we can’t beat (2-4 last six years). This deal sucks. Please someone get us out of the ACC.

Clemson – F

If we played better teams in the Big  12 or SEC we’d beat them, but because we play in the ACC with worse teams we lose to them.  <- HUH?  We could make about 50 gazillion more in the Big 12. Why haven’t we left yet?

Virginia – Incomplete

The contract got done? when? The lacrosse team is playing. I don’t have time to talk about this.

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