Athlon ranks the ACC Running Backs

Need a little spring time ACC discussion? Check out Athlon’s ranking of the ACC running backs. Now I’ll be ranking the ACC positions on offense and defense in addition to running backs later this summer.

I usually start those rankings in June, but for now Athlon will get the conversation started, and here are my initial impressions of the list.

I really like Giovani Bernard of North Carolina, and he’ll be in my top 5 probably top 3, but I’m surprised he got the number 1 spot over Clemson’s Andre Ellington, who would probably fill my number 1 slot.

Now if he’s healthy Montel Harris of Boston College has to be in the top 3. People tend to forget before his injury he was probably the ACC’s best running back. Athlon has him 5th which I think is reasonable given his uncertain status.

Athlon also seems awfully high on Clemson’s Mike Bellamy placing him 6th. Bellamy’s has great speed, but I’m not ready to put him over a more established back like Georgia Tech’s Orwin Smith for example.

Take a look at the list and see what you think.

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