Way too Absurdly Early Pre-Season College Basketball Rankings for 2012-2013.

After Kentucky’s national title victory Monday night, I was curious how that Wildcat team stacked up against the last few National Title teams.

That’s taking me a little time to go through and write. In the meantime, I’ve got some Way too Early Pre-Season College Basketball Rankings for you to take a look at.

I understand pre-season polls don’t have any meaning, but they do make for interesting reading. Also I think anytime your school is in a pre-season poll that’s always a good thing.


Here are several polls for you…

CBSSportsline’s 2012-2013 Preseason Top 25

ESPN’s 2012-2013 Preseason Top 25

CNNSI’s 2012-2013 Preseason Top 25

NBCSport’s 2012-2013 Preseason Top 25

Yahoo’s 2012-2013 Preseason Top 25

A few notes…

The return of the Indiana Hoosiers. Wow Tom Crean has rebuilt that team. They were ranked #1 or #2 in every single poll.

The return of NC State…. Pollsters had them in the top 6 in three of the five polls. The key is C.J Leslie. If he comes back the Wolfpack will start next year ranked in the top 10 by everyone. I have a feeling he may not want to pass up on what could potentially be NC State’s best season in nearly 30 years.

The cupboard is not bare at North Carolina, especially if Jame Michael McAdoo comes back. Kansas just proved you can make a National Title a year after losing multiple starters. Heck when Georgia Tech made their Final 4 run in 2004, it was a year after Chris Bosh left.

No point discussing Kentucky… John Calipari has this one and done thing figured out. Right now Kentucky is the epitome of they don’t rebuild they reload. Put them in the top 5 and I don’t even have to see their lineup.

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