Athlon Sports ranks the ACC Football Coaches.

It’s never to early to talk a little football is it? Even during the NCAA tournament, you can take a break and read this recent article from Athlon Sports where they rank the ACC Football Coaches. Check out the article to get their reasoning. I’ll give you their rankings below and let you know if I agree with them. I’ll have my personal ACC coaching rankings in the next few weeks with explanations.

(Athlon Rankings of ACC Coaches)

1. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech

This is a no brainer. If you don’t have Frank Beamer number 1 at the moment, you need your college football fan credentials revoked. He’s the ACC’s most consistent winner.

2. Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech

I’m not so sure about this. I think Johnson is a great gameday coach, but I consider recruiting a big part of coaching. In the last two years Johnson is 14-12 with increasingly more of “his” guys.

3. Al Golden, Miami

Golden put together a super recruiting class this year at Miami, and did a nice job at Temple, but I didn’t see anything last year that would convince me he’s the ACC’s third best coach. It’s a little too high for now.

4. Mike London, Virginia

I’m alright with London here. He’s rebuilt the culture and talent base at UVA.

5. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State

This is probably ok for Jimbo Fisher. He recruits well and he’s beating Florida. Now all Fisher is lacking is an ACC Title.

6. Jim Grobe, Wake Forest

I think this is too low for Grobe. Nick Saban couldn’t recruit to Wake Forest. Grobe makes the Deacs competitive the only way that’s possible. You redshirt and build players up.

7. Tom O’brien, NC State

This may be about right for the NC State coach. He’s trending upward as well. 2 years ago I thought he’d be fired now all Tom O’Brien has done is win 17 games the last 2 years.

8. Dabo Swinney, Clemson

This doesn’t make sense at all. Swinney is a strong recruiter and motivator, (Orange Bowl non-withstanding) and has won 2 of the last 3 Atlantic Division Titles. He may not be a genius X’s and O’s guy but he’s better than this.

9. Larry Fedora, North Carolina

At the moment this is acceptable. As Athlon says Fedora was merely decent at Southern Miss. Let’s see how he does this year.

10. David Cutcliffe, Duke

Coaching at Duke can skew how you are perceived. Cutcliffe is actually a pretty good coach. He’s good enough that Peyton Manning sought out his former coach’s help during his re-hab. Where else you going to put him?

11. Randy Edsall, Maryland

Edsall’s first year at Maryland was an unmitigated disaster. It was one of the most dysfunctional teams I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t have him here and I wouldn’t move him up.

12. Frank Spaziani, Boston College

At least Spaziani didn’t run off half his team ala Randy Edsall, and he won twice as many as Randy last season. He’s a spot too low.

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