ACC Fans on Twitter choose the End of the Season ACC Basketball Awards.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen who the ACC Media picked for the ACC post-season awards. That’s great, but I think you’ll find some pretty knowledgeable ACC fans that may have a different opinion. @HokieGuru has put together 2 of his patented panel discussions with many of our ACC Friends on twitter. Here’s the first where they choose the ACC post-season awards below, Enjoy! 

Author: @HokieGuru

Greetings from all of us at All Sports Discussion.  In Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) country, men’s basketball season is one of our favorite times of the year.  Our panelists will be discussing four topics.  First, our panelists will predict the players that will obtain first-team all-ACC honors.  Second, the panelists will provide their ACC defensive player of the year.  Third, the panelists will give us their ACC overall player of the year.  And, fourth, they will give us the ACC coach of the year.    Let’s get this panel started!!!

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

@younglefhander Adam Brand, writer for The Victory Formation. Atlanta native, bleeds white and gold.

@DukeBlogMKline Writer/operator of Duke Sports Blog. Fan of all things Duke, including football, yes I said football.

@WillsWorldMN Will Ojanen, writer for SCACCHoops. Based in Eagan, Minnesota.

@Category6UM Josh/Jerry Writers/Operators of Category6UM. Based in Miami, Florida. Went to University of Miami for Undergrad. Let’s go ‘Canes…

@KilroyFSU Attended Florida State for undergrad, though he transferred to the University of Akron as a sophomore before returning for law school.  He currently works as an attorney in Tallahassee.

@ztevans Zach Evans is a lifelong UNC and ACC fan from Princeton, NC.  He is also the Multimedia Editor of The Daily Tar Heel, which has very little to do with sports but is worth mentioning.

@MartinRickman Wilmington, NC native by way of Cleveland, OH. Owner/site manager of Blogger So Dear, SB Nation’s Wake Forest site.

@CUBOSCO James Bostic lifelong Tiger fan 2005 Clemson grad currently residing in VA.
Currently a grad student at Johns Hopkins, and writes a Clemson blog cutritiger.blogspot.com

@BCHysteria A.J Black. Boston College born and bred. Writer and editor over at a little blog called BC Interruption.  Really doesn’t have much patience for Frank Spaziani.

@hokie8807 Proud Hokie alumnus, Blacksburg resident, and creator of Inside The Cassell.  Fan of basketball, bourbon, and Philly cheesesteaks.

@NCStateFootball People call me the Big Dog but I prefer El Guapo. You can occasionally find me on Tumblr here http://ncstatefooball.tumblr.com/

@TerrapinNation self-proclaimed expert on Terps hoops. Creator of Terps Insider.

Your ACC First Team Players?

@younglefhander John Henson, Tyler Zeller, Mike Scott, Austin Rivers, Kendall Marshall

@DukeBlogMKline  John Henson, Tyler Zeller, Austin Rivers, Mike Scott, Terrell Stoglin

@WillsWorldMN John Henson, Tyler Zeller, Mike Scott, Harrison Barnes, Terrell Stoglin

@Category6UM Tyler Zeller, Mike Scott, John Henson, Kendall Marshall, Austin Rivers – (Kenny Kadji should get a look)

@KilroyFSU Mike Scott, John Henson, Austin Rivers, Tyler Zeller and Kendall Marsall

@ztevans Kendall Marshall, Austin Rivers, Michael Snaer, Tyler Zeller, Mike Scott,

@MartinRickman Kendall Marshall, Austin Rivers, Mike Scott, Michael Snaer, Tyler Zeller

@CUBOSCO Kendal Marshall, Tyler Zeller, Mike Scott, Harrison Barnes, Michael Snaer

@BCHysteria Austin Rivers, Mike Scott, Tyler Zeller, Kendall Marshall, Terrell Stoglin

@hokie8807 Austin Rivers, Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller, Mike Scott, Michael Snaer

@NCStateFootball Mike Scott, Michael Snaer, Zeller, Henson, Calvin Leslie (not CJ)

@TerrapinNation Terrell Stoglin, Tyler Zeller, Mike Scott, Austin Rivers, John Henson

Who is your ACC Defensive Player of the Year?

@younglefhander John Henson

@DukeBlogMKline John Henson (all this carolina love is painful by the way)

@WillsWorldMN  John Henson

@Category6UM John Henson

@KilroyFSU As much as I’d love to go with Michael Snaer, who is probably the better perimeter defender, John Henson has more tools on defense.

@ztevans John Henson. He probably gets a little more love than he deserves, but all praise directed his way defensively is warranted.

@MartinRickman John Henson

@CUBOSCO John Henson

@BCHysteria John Henson

@hokie8807 John Henson

@NCStateFootball Henson

@TerrapinNation John Henson

Who is your ACC Overall Player of the Year?

@younglefhander Mike Scott

@DukeBlogMKline Tyler Zeller

@WillsWorldMN Mike Scott

@Category6UM Mike Scott

@KilroyFSU Mike Scott, and it’s not even close.

@ztevans Mike Scott

@MartinRickman Mike Scott

@CUBOSCO Mike Scott

@BCHysteria Mike Scott

@hokie8807 Mike Scott

@NCStateFootball Mike Scott, You can argue Zeller isn’t even the clear MVP of his team.

@TerrapinNation Tyler Zeller

Who is your ACC Coach of the Year?

@younglefhander Mike Krzyzewski narrowly edges Leonard Hamilton.

@DukeBlogMKline Mike Krzyzewski

@WillsWorldMN Tony Bennett. Injuries and defections have hurt the team, but he still has won.

@Category6UM Jim Larranaga

@KilroyFSU For his huge midseason adjustments, when the team was coming off the rails, I have to be a homer and go with Leonard Hamilton. That FSU was 2-1 against UNC and Duke despite much less talent speaks volumes.

@ztevans Mike Krzyzewski. Also, #AllWesMillerEverything.

@MartinRickman Brad Brownell

@CUBOSCO Brad Brownell

@BCHysteria Tony Bennett

@hokie8807 Tony Bennett

@NCStateFootball Leonard Hamilton, but I can make a good case for Gottfried.

@TerrapinNation Tony Bennett

We thank our panelists for their time – and stay tuned for other panels at All Sports Discussion.

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