Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere March 5, 2012

It’s ACC Tournament week! I remember growing up actually telling my parents I was still suffering from the chicken pox so I could stay home and watch the Friday games.

Yes I am aware I had a problem as child. I plan on being there for most of the tournament, and if I’m lucky at the ACCT well I don’t want to jinx it, but let’s just say you’ll see a post or tweet about it from me in the next couple of days if things work out the way I hope.  Enough about me time for our ACC bloggers to give us their thoughts on the All-ACC Team, and on the week ahead.

The North Carolina blog KeepingItHeel sounds pretty miffed than PG Kendall Marshall was left off the All-ACC Team, and takes out their frustration on the inclusion of Duke’s Austin Rivers. Frankly even though I think Harrison Barnes is the ACC’s most talented player I would have switched out Marshall and Barnes myself.

Virginia blogger StreakingtheLawn goes after a member of the All-ACC voting media Caulton Tudor for not putting Mike Scott on the All-ACC first team, and Why Not? It’s apparent that Tudor did not watch any ACC basketball this season. Oh and I read Tudor’s reasoning for not putting for not putting Scott on the first team. Dumb…

BackingthePack is aware that NC State beating Virginia Tech didn’t help get the Pack into the NCAAs. A loss would have crippled any NCAA hopes for the Wolfpack. 2 wins in the ACC tournament to lock a bid up. Wait isn’t that Virginia Tech did last year and got screwed?

Considering that Virginia Tech’s basketball season is close to a merciful end, Hokie Blog TheKeyPlay asks some questions they hope get answered during spring football.

Dark times in Boston College athletics, and BC Blogger BCInterruption is placing the blame at the top.

DukeSportsBlog takes issue with those that say Duke is not as good as their record. Duke’s record and resume speaks for itself. They are a 26-5 team that will probably be a #2 seed in the NCAAs. That is exactly what they are. They are a very good team, not an elite one that given a favorable draw can reach the Final 4. By favorable I mean no monster front lines.

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