You’re so close BCS to getting it right, don’t screw it up.

So the BCS higher ups are meeting this week to discuss the future of BCS. You can read the latest developments at CBSSportsline.com.  A couple of things I’m reading make me think that the BCS is close to getting this college football championship thing right. Word is they are looking at the possibility of a college football playoff of no more than 4 teams beginning in 2014. If you read my blog you know I have always been a proponent of the +1 team playoff. We are so close.

My fear is somehow the BCS think tank will still screw this up. Let me make it simple for them right now. Vote the +1 or playoff tomorrow. That will give plenty of time to iron out the details and logistics of the new system.  You know I’ll even clear that up for the BCS to speed up the process.

Keep the current system, and 1 vs 2 play a week later. This year the national championship game was on January 9. Go ahead play the big bowl games Sugar, Fiesta, Rose, and Orange Bowl on January 1 and January 2. That would make New Year’s Day football huge again. You’d give fans again the opportunity to attend the games during what is still mostly vacation time for them. Then have the national title game the second Monday of January that way you are not conflict with the NFL playoffs.

Why am I against the 8 or 16 team playoff? Let me answer with this – LSU… the Tigers played a very credible schedule and went undefeated in doing so. I wouldn’t be that high on a BCS 8th ranked 2 loss Kansas St team or 3 loss BCS 16th ranked Georgia team leap frogging LSU with a couple of good weeks of football.

You argue that it works at the FCS level, and I say I’m not enamored with it there either. Though I wouldn’t change the NFL playoffs, I’m not really that sure the NY Giants were really pro-football’s best team or just the hottest.

So here you go BCS the opportunity is there get this +1 system done.


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