Just how long is Clemson’s losing streak at North Carolina?

The streak is 55 games and counting. 55 times Clemson has went to Chapel Hill and left with a loss to North Carolina. The Tigers have been trying since 1926 to win at Chapel Hill. To that put into perspective, let’s go over a few streaks that have happened 55 times or more.

Joe DiMaggio’s Major League Record hitting streak: 56 games

Orel Hershiser Major League Record: 59 consecutive scoreless innings pitched

Connecticut Women’s Basketball Team winning streak: 90 Games

UCLA Men’s Basketball Team winning streak: 88 Games

Butler’s Darnell Archery NCAA Consecutive Free Throw’s Made: 85

Yea that took me a fair amount of effort to find 5 streaks of any kind that were longer than Clemson’s losing streak to North Carolina in Chapel Hill. It would seem that in a year where Clemson is 13-12 (5-6)  and North Carolina is 22-4 (9-2) that the chances of Clemson win are as remote as ever.

Seriously Clemson probably has as good a chance to beat North Carolina Saturday as an undrafted, twice cut Harvard grad does of becoming the starting PG of the New York Knicks… oh wait. Clemson has as good chance of beating North Carolina in Chapel Hill as the Butler Bulldogs have of going to back to back National Title games… Darn it.

Ok now I have one, Clemson has as good a chance of winning at Chapel Hill as Baylor does of beating Oklahoma. The Bears were 0-20 against the Sooners. This past year they beat Oklahoma. So you are saying there’s a chance? There’s always a chance. Clemson is going to have to try and force the Tar Heels to become a jump shooting team and the hope for the best. I’m pretty much thinking this streak is going to hit 56 Saturday. I don’t see how the Tigers can match with the Tar Heel’s impressive frontline.

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