Jeremy Lin got me to pay attention to the NBA before May.

I’m not a big NBA fan nor do I claim to be. In fact I pretty much don’t pay attention to the NBA until about May when the playoffs start. By that time the college basketball is over and the Masters has just finished. I actually enjoyed the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat NBA Finals last year but the lock out pretty much killed any NBA interest I’d gained from the series.

I had Sportscenter in the background a few days ago and I’m hearing about this Jeremy Lin guy scoring 25 against the Nets, 28 against the Jazz, but I’m not really following the story. Then he goes for 38 against the LA Lakers and the Knicks start winning, and I found myself wanting to what was going on. Who was this Jeremy Lin? I’m looking for and reading stories about a player waived by two teams who’s suddenly taken the NBA by storm. This is ultimate underdog story and I’m on the bandwagon.

What’s going to be really interesting is if Lin can sustain his outstanding play when Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Who know’s, but Lin is making the NBA something it hasn’t been in awhile… fun.

Check out what their saying about Lin across the country about LinSanity.

NY Daily News: Jeremy Lin: The True Hollywood Story.

CNNSI: He’s no Fluke

CBSSportsline: Lin Storms out of nowhere.

FoxSports: Lin captivates as the anti-superstar



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