Who’s the better quarterback Eli or Peyton Manning?

After Eli Manning won his second Super Bowl to move ahead brother Peyton Manning by 1 NFL Championship, there is a simple question that must asked. Who’s better Eli Manning or Peyton Manning? Which brother do you want playing QB for you? If you’re judging by Championships then it has to be Eli. If you’re judging by statistics then it’s Peyton.

Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl, but Dan Marino doesn’t. Would anyone out there really take Dilfer over Marino? This is actually a little trickier to decide though. Eli Manning is in the rarified air of two-time Super Bowl winner whose become one of the best 4th quarter and playoff QB’s in football. Peyton has put mind-boggling numbers and is a 4-Time MVP. I got to go with Peyton still, but who are you picking?


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