ACC Headlines for the week with a shameless plug…

Just a short entry for tonight, but one that has me feeling pretty good. If you read the blog you know a few months ago I mentioned I had been working towards getting more involved with official site of the ACC. Some of the links on the facebook page of the ACC, and ACC Twitter accounts particularly the ones from around the web I’ve been submitting for a for several weeks. A small contributionn to ACC Network, but hey it was nice to see something you provided show up on those sites.

Now things have moved forward to a little more prominent role. Check out the weekly ACC Headlines at theACC.com that were posted today. In the byline is who the Headlines were compiled by. That’s yours truly.

I’ve been following the ACC ever since I can remember. The first sports team I ever liked was Dean Smith’s North Carolina Tar Heels. My first football T-Shirt was a Florida State Seminole one, because I thought the Tomahawk Chop was koolest thing I ever saw at a college football game.  Then I end up attending ACC colleges first Georgia Tech then later Clemson. Obviously I have a lot of ties to the ACC, so I’m pleased that I can help out with their site a little bit.

We’ll resume our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow after my perfectly shameless but totally worth it personal plug.

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