Florida State’s Michael Snaer makes confident comments about winning the ACC, and I like it.

Have you heard the comments from Florida State basketball player Michael Snaer? In an interview he says he is 100% confident the Seminoles are going to win the ACC. For the full story let me direct you to the @ACCDN and their coverage at ACCDN – Michael Snaer comments.

I tell you what; maybe Duke and North Carolina think Michael Snaer is out of his mind. Maybe FSU will collapse at some point, but I don’t think so judging by the Noles 23 point win at Wake Forest Wednesday night. I like the comments. They aren’t arrogant, and they aren’t dismissive of the rest of the ACC, but they are confident.

Why shouldn’t Snaer be pumped up? Florida State is the conference’s hottest team. When you beat North Carolina by 33, beat a decent Maryland team by 14, and win at Duke you’ve earned it. Not to mention he was the guy that hit the game winning shot against the Blue Devils, and that will give anyone a good dose of confidence.

Also it shows the Noles aren’t satisfied with just being an improved team, and a threat to win the ACC. They want to be the team to beat in the ACC, and at the moment they have the twofer over UNC and Duke. Now will they win the ACC? I don’t know. It wasn’t but a couple of weeks ago there was a 20 point loss at Clemson, but Snaer is indicative in the entire change in attitude of Florida State since that loss. This is a blue collar veteran team that is playing it’s best basketball right now. They don’t just hope to win they expect to now.

Snaer just made the ACC race a whole lot more interesting. I’ve always thought ACC basketball was better with a little edge a little swagger. From Clemson’s Rick Barnes and North Carolina’s Dean Smith rivalry to the ABCers, and Duke haters when they are at their best. Gary Williams intensity at Maryland was so great for the ACC for long. Michael Jordan’s legendary confidence got its roots in ACC and North Carolina basketball.

Now Michael Snaer’s put it out there for his team to continue their great play and for the rest of the ACC to get ready, because this bunch is ready to take their shot at the ACC title.

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