Which Super Bowl game do you want to see?

I have to be perfectly honest, I wanted to the New Orleans Saints or Green Bay Packers to play the New England Patriots in a future Hall of Fame quarterback battle, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers against Tom Brady.

Wow would that have been fun to see, but the San Francisco 49ers and NY Giants ended that. Somehow Alex Smith and Eli Manning just don’t excite me. Sorry Eli cost me too many Fantasy Football games during the last few years for me to root for him. Still there are some intriguing mathcups out there, and something I like about each team.

New England Patriots – The Patriots are like football assassins. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady took Tebowmania and the cute Denver Bronco story, and smashed Denver to pieces. I’ve never really cared for the Pats, but how can you not respect them? In the past decade there hasn’t been a better NFL organization.

Baltimore Ravens – Ray Lewis is one of my very favorite players in the NFL to watch. He’s 36 and I don’t how many more times we’ll get to see him play. Few players out there have the intensity Lewis has. He alone makes the Raves worth watching. There’s also the potential of Ravens Head coach John Harbaugh vs 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. OK, I’m not interested in that.

New York Giants – You know who I like on the Giants team? Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks… Those two can make a plays anytime the ball gets near them. There may not be a team in the playoffs playing better.

San Francisco 49ers – They play defense, they run the ball. The 49ers are a bit of a throwback team that grinds out victories in a day and age of pass happy offenses. Alex Smith he’s starting to win me over at quarterback. He showed a lot of guts leading the 49ers to a victory over New Orleans.

Who am I kidding? I wanted that epic quarterback battle. Does Eli count yet? Not for me… Just like everybody else though I’ll watch it, but it could have so much better. One thing I’m positive about though, it will be better than that LSU vs Alabama national championship game.



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