Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere January 17, 2012

ACC Basketball is in high gear now, and the ACC teams are jockying for position. Let’s see what the ACC bloggers are saying about that and what else they have going on.

One of our ACC friends on twitter @BDohertyTSHQ1 has started a Clemson blog at RepMyCollege.com, where he tell us the Five Keys for Clemson Football in 2012. One the keys listed is mental toughness. Yep… The article is a few days old, but is worth the read.

Maryland Blog Testudo Times takes a look Tuesday’s game between Maryland and red hot Florida State. Winner takes a major step towards the NCAAs.

Another team trying to get the NCAAs is NC State. ACCBlogger reviews NC State week which included a head scratching home loss to Georgia Tech, but also an inspired effort at Wake Forest. Also covered is the Pack’s week ahead.

I came across this at ChuckOliver.net, a site that covers the ACC and the SEC. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets need DT Dalvin Tomlinson to come to Atlanta. I couldn’t agree more. The Jacket’s have struggled in recent years to bring elite defensive linemen to campus. Tomlinson may be the one best still available in the state of Georgia.

You know TarHeelFanBlog had to say something about Roy Williams pulling his players early in the debacle at Florida State. Like TarHeelFanBlog says, it was the logical thing to do, but like everything else the Heels did that day, it was handled poorly.

Standing above all the carnage at the moment, DukeSportsBlog.com says Duke would be wise to ignore the polls and just focus on the schedule. Different aspects of the Blue Devil team have been questioned, but the fact is they are on top of the ACC at the moment.

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