Two sport’s blogger success stories.

There’s been an article I’ve been wanted to put together for a little while. Anyone that’s ever started a sports blog does so because they are passionate about sports. They have opinions and they want to share them. Hey I do to obviously. I think any writer out there ultimately wants people to read their articles. With that if there is an opportunity to get a paying gig  or get the chance to attend some sporting events  then even better. Brandon Rink (@accblogger) (accblogger.com) and Kody Brannon (@KodysSportsKornr) (KodysSportsKorner.com) are two sports bloggers that are doing just that.

Now there are a lot of outstanding blogs and a lot of wonderful writers out there, but the reason I wanted to get Brandon’s and Kody’s answers on their  successes is that I followed their blogs early in their blogging careers. I remember their blogs just about when they started and how long they’ve been at it (keep in mind new bloggers, it takes time and plenty of articles!) It’s great to see them doing so well. I appreciate them taking the time to answer my questions.

In addition to your blogs what else are you working on and where?


Well, for starters, I work at the Independent Mail, and a lot with their Clemson site OrangeandWhite.com. I’m headed down for Orange Bowl week in just a couple days. I also write a weekly ACC column for SouthernPigskin.com, previewing and reviewing the weekend in ACC football.


Aside from my own blog, I have been writing for BevoBall.com which is a Texas Longhorns specific site.


Tell us when you started blogging?


Got my start in blogging on an anonymous Sporting News fanblog back in 2007 to see if I actually liked writing for myself, and for other people to read. And…I did like it – writing more and more, then I went into college to study communications, and that’s when I decided to go on my own site covering ACC sports with OntheB-rink.com then ACCBlogger.com.


I Started blogging around 2007, but really got serious around the end of 2008.


When did you first realize that blogging was becoming more than just putting your sport’s opinions on the internet?


It was at Sporting News first, and then when Twitter came of age second that I saw the community of sports blogging. The great range of opinions on the internet is just fun and informative for debates, smack talk and more.


It really came apparent that this was going to be more than just a hobby when I started getting press passes and started to see significant growth in my website.


(@accblogger ) How did blogging help you find a paying job doing sports writing?


Where my blogging took me – writing for the old Raycom ACC Blog, columns for Southern Pigskin and different other blogs – there’s no doubt that’s why I’m where I am.  Getting used to your writing voice, but additionally, working on it while being tested on those opinions by other bloggers can only help.
And I work for both for Orange & White and Independent Mail – they merged into one Clemson coverage site called OrangeandWhite.com last August, where I do some blogging, but use my communications degree a bit with video editing skills as well.


(@KodysSportsKornr) You’ve become very successful securing Media Passes to sporting events through your blog. How did you accomplish this?


Author Note – Kody’s received press passes to The Armed Forces Bowl, The Ticket City Bowl and the FCS championship game among other events.


I didn’t take no for an answer. I decided to try, and kept asking certain schools who I thought would jump at the chance for any publicity they could get. I guess I just got lucky.


What advice would you give to aspiring sports bloggers?


Just write. The more you write – the more you’ll figure out if you like it or not. Read a bunch. See what other blogs are doing and get a feel for what you can do to add to the blogosphere. And if you haven’t already, join Twitter. Twitter is a great resource for bloggers in terms of instant news and opinion right at your fingertips.


If you are passionate to write about sports and start up your own blog. Find something that will help you set yourself apart. Find a niche and commit to it. I may cover all sports and write about national stories, but for me the basis of a lot of my stuff is regional due to where I live.


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  1. brannob says:

    I have been following the blogs of Kody’s Sports Korner for several years and really enjoy the passion he expresses in his articles. Good job!

  2. Jfann says:

    Kody and I have been in the same blog network for a a couple of years. Some folks think you write 10 articles and you’ll get a call from ESPN, or tons of traffic to your site. It’s takes time and a good bit of work to see things to start to pay off. Kody and Brandon are a couple of good examples of that.

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