Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere December 14, 2011

Hi everyone. Sorry there wasn’t much blogging this past week. The day job sent me out of the country for a few days, and my internet connection and free time were rather limited. So if you know someone out there that would let me blog and talk about sports full time I’m all ears.

Anyways the easiest way for me to catch up on things is to see what our ACC Bloggers are up to… Here are the some articles I read.

GobblerCountry writes a nice piece that may explain why Virginia Tech ticket sales to the Sugar Bowl appear slow. Look I was there at the ACCCG, and I saw 30-35 K Virginia Tech fans. Going to a mid-week bowl game right after the holidays is not an easy thing. Another reason why the bigger bowls should played during the Dec 31-January 1 timeframe.

On the other hand NC State has sold out their ticket allotment of 17,000 to the Belk Bowl in nearby Charlotte. The game is December 27. Let’s see a bowl game in a location close to the given school, and on a day when most people are still on holiday. This doesn’t seem like a hard concept to grasp for some of these other bowls. Thanks to BackingthePack for this.

SouthernPigSkin has the South’s top 10 games of the year. Virginia Tech’s 38-35 win over Miami tops the rankings. Several other ACC games are listed.

DukeSportsBlog says the break comes at a good time for the Duke Basketball team. At 9-1 with their only loss to Ohio State the Blue Devils are off to a solid start in 2011.

The 7thFloor a Miami Hurricane discusses who may be next in line to start at RB for the Canes, after Lamar Miller decided to enter the NFL draft.

Randy Edsall continues to alienate anybody and everybody in the Mid-Atlantic. It’s kind of funny but not really especially for Terp fans, that TestudoTimes has a transfer counter going. The Terps are up to 8 after Adrian Coxson decided to leave the program.

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