ACC Bowl Game Matchup Thoughts and the BCS is a joke.

Ok here we go we have the ACC Bowl Game Mathcups, but first let’s talk about the LSU vs Alabama matchup. I’d like to personally thank the BCS for putting together what should be a riveting 27-10 LSU victory, in a game we already SAW!! I rarely think there are conspiracy’s in sports, but after watching ESPN try to shove this matchup down our throats, I’m not sure anymore.

 You know who was the only team to really move the ball on LSU was? West Virginia…. Know who’s offense is similar to West Virginia’s but with better players? Oklahoma St!! Boy I should would have loved to see that game, but I guess the 44-10 win over Oklahoma wasn’t impressive enough or the 4 ranked teams they beat versus the 3 Alabama played at the time or the 5 teams they defeated with at least 7 wins vs the 2 Alabama beat.  Maybe Alabama is the 2nd best team in the country, but come on they had their shot. It wasn’t right. The Cowboys got screwed over.

The ACC Bowls now.

Advocare V100 Independence Bowl
December 26, 2011  Shreveport, LA, 5:00 pm ESPN
North Carolina (7-5) vs Missouri (7-5)

This Independence Bowl has to be pleased with this matchup. Missouri the future SEC team and North Carolina with their roster of NFL draft picks. Except for the Oklahoma St. loss Missouri didn’t lose another game by more than 10 points in a 7-5 season. I like this game, very intriguing.

Belk Bowl
December 27, 2011  Charlotte, NC, 8:00 pm ESPN
Louisville (7-5) vs. North Carolina St. (7-5)

Two 7-5 teams, but two teams coming in with some momentum. The Belk gets their North Carolina school, and big ticket sales. I think Louisville will travel well too. I really want to see if Mike Glennon is ready to become an elite quarterback for NC State, because I think he’s real close.

Champs Sports Bowl
December 29, 2011 Orlando, FL, 5:30 pm ESPN
Florida State (8-4) vs. Notre Dame (8-4)

The Champ Sports Bowl got the game it wanted. Two marquee, name programs will be another big seller. Neither team quite had the season they hoped for, but a win might set things up for a big 2012.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
December 30, 2011   Nashville, TN, 6:40 pm ESPN
Wake Forest (6-6) vs Mississippi St. (6-6) 

I’m pretty sure this is not what the Music City Bowl had in mind. Wake Forest has lost 5 of their last 7 games, and Miss St. was 2-6 in the SEC. It will be interesting to see how QB Tanner Price plays. He was solid most of the season but struggled against Vanderbilt in the Deac’s last game.

Hyundai Sun Bowl
December 31, 2011  El Paso, TX, 2:00 pm CBS
Georgia Tech (8-4) vs Utah (7-5)

The bottom line in this one is simple. Georgia Tech needs to win a bowl game. They have lost 6 bowl games in a row. Utah has a good rush defense, and was on a roll before finishing with a loss to bad Colorado team. Time for the Triple Option to get a bowl victory.

Chick-fil-A Bowl
December 31, 2011 Atlanta, GA, 7:30 pm ESPN
Virginia (8-4) vs Auburn (7-5)

Virginia gets a nice reward for a really solid season. Auburn was down this year, but this is still the defending national champions from the SEC. Virginia wasn’t ready for the Virginia Tech showdown with the ACC Coastal Division on line. This bowl is a shot at redemption. 

AllState Sugar Bowl
January 3, 2012 New Orleans, LA, 8:30 pm ESPN
Virginia Tech (11-2) vs Michigan (10-2)

Alot of people felt Virginia Tech didn’t deserve this bowl game. If you don’t like it blame the bowl system. The Hokies were selected and don’t have to apologize for anything. It wasn’t like a computer made the decision. Personally having 2 of the country’s most dynamic players in Virginia Tech’s RB David Wilson and Michigan’s Denard Robinson playing is worth the price of admission.   

Discover Orange Bowl
January 4, 2012  Miami Gardens, FL, 8:00 pm ESPN
Clemson vs. West Virginia

West Virginia’s offense was good enough to make LSU’s Defense look average. Clemson’s made Bud Foster’s vaunted Hokie Defense look like it was standing still at times. This could be the bowl season’s wildest shootout.

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