Last minute thoughts on the ACC Championship Game.

In less than 24 hours we will have crowned the 2011 ACC Champion, but I have some last minute thoughts on the game and what a win or loss might mean for Clemson and Virginia Tech.

If Clemson defeats Virginia Tech

You know those 3 out 4 losses in November… history. A win gets Clemson to it’s first 10+ win since 1990 and first outright ACC Title since 1991. A season that was disintegrating before our eyes suddenly becomes Clemson’s best season in over 2 decades. Coach Dabo Swinney who seemed to be everyone’s favorite hotseat coach before the season will be celebrated like no other Clemson coach has been since Danny Ford walked the sidelines. It’s the kind of game that can completely turn a season around.

For the Hokies, I think a loss is significant as well, and it hasn’t really been discussed. Virginia Tech has been the class of the ACC for years, but a loss to the same ACC team twice in one year puts a major chink in their ACC armor. Could it signify a changing of the guard in the ACC? I think it would prove that where Virginia Tech is right now is the ceiling. 10-11 wins seasons, but will consistently fall short of greatness. It’s a big game for the Hokies too.

If Virginia Tech defeats Clemson

Let’s the parallels to Tommy Bowden begin for Dabo Swinney. 2011 will be remembered as just a big of collapse as the 2000 season. All the good will built up in September and October? Gone. The 3 game losing streak to South Carolina is really starting to get under the skin of Clemson fans, and the late season swoon will have Tiger fans questioning if Dabo Swinney is the right man for the job.

Virginia Tech will remain the standard in the ACC. The Hokies going 12-1 will have people believing, that this may be program that can someday again compete for a national title. Logan Thomas may enter next season as a Heisman candidate. For sure if David Wilson stays he would be a Heisman candidate. Virginia Tech could also enter next season as a legit national title contender.

Hey there’s a lot on the line in this game. As much as any recent ACCCG game you get feeling the result of this game will have far reaching effects on the future of these programs.

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