Commonwealth Cup (Virginia vs Virginia Tech) Predictions

We are going to put the Monday Bowl Predictions on hold for day, while we take some predictions on the biggest Virginia Tech\Virginia game in years. Thanks to contributing writer @HokieGuru for putting this article together.

It’s Commonwealth Cup time in the State of Virginia and we’re happy to have our panel back for rivalry week predictions.  The 2011 Commonwealth Cup football game means more than ever this year.  At stake is a trip to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Championship Game for either Virginia Tech or Virginia.  Also at stake is Virginia Tech’s win streak in the series.  On Monday, November 21, 2011, the Hokies have held continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup for 2,550 days.

@ztevans @DukeBlogMKline, @NCStateFootball, @TerrapinNation, @younglefhander, @KilroyFSU, @CUBOSCO, @akosnitzky, @TheAlexJackson, @BCHysteria, @WillsWorldMN, and @MartinRickman will give their thoughts who the winners. @HokieGuru is the moderator here today at @TalkinACCSports this wonderful panel.

To make this Twitter-centric (e.g. easy to respond to and something that wouldn’t take a lot of time), we asked our panel participants to tweet their winner of the 2011 Commonwealth Cup and a predicted score.  Look out below!!

@ztevansStanding by my preseason gun. Hokies win, 31-27.

@DukeBlogMKline: Va Tech wins 21-17

@NCStateFootballThe worst atmosphere in the acc is packed with homie fans as they win an ugly game. Stop the run and The turkeys (editor’s note:  Virginia Tech) roll. 27-17

@TerrapinNation: VaTech wins 24-13

@younglefhanderVPISU 24-10

@KilroyFSU: VPI 28-14


@akosnitzky: VT 17-14

@TheAlexJackson:  Hokies and 27-17

@BCHysteria:  VT wins 30- 17

@WillsWorldMNUVA 24-21. Home field advantage, best UVA team in a while, ACC title on line, they find a way to get it done at home.

@MartinRickman: Taking VT behind DMFW (editor’s note:  D is for David, W is for Wilson… and lol), 31-17.

Also, our guest picker from outside the ACC this week is Kyle Roth (@kroth37), a proud member of the North Dakota State University (NDSU) Bison Nation.  Kyle is a writer covering NDSU for the Spectrum, Bison Illustrated, and the Bison Sports Blog. He’s also an NDSU Journalism student.   The Bison are the overall #2 seed in this year’s FCS playoffs (and upset Minnesota earlier in the year).   @kroth37:  Let’s go 31-24 VTech. I like the young RB.

By the way I’m (@TalkinACCSports)  taking Virginia Tech 27-23. I really like the Cavaliers and what Mike London is doing, but the Hokies have been in this position before.

We thank our panelists for another great roundtable at All Sports Discussion!!

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