How should the College Football National Championship be decided?

A few weeks ago I wrote what kind chaos would ensure if several college football teams ended up undefeated. Luckily for the BCS the season has worked itself out and we’re left with 2 major conference undefeated teams in Oklahoma St. and LSU. I don’t think anyone would argue that if both of those teams run the table that they should play for the national title. What if though, one or both lose a game? We could a number of 1 loss teams, and then probably Houston hanging out there undefeated. How do we decide?

I’m a +1 fan system. It ensures that the regular season keeps it’s virtual playoff status, but maybe you prefer a 4,8, or 16 team playoff. It might be that you prefer the current BCS system. In that case go get your head examined… Just kidding. I like the bowls not as many as they currently have, but the BCS keeps that tradition perfectly intact. Here’s your chance let’s let the reader decide, what format would be the best for determining the national champion?


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