I like the confused looks Tim Tebow is causing.

Just a short entry for tonight, but something I wanted to make a comment on. I not a Florida fan, and I’m not Denver Bronco fan. I’m not even  a Tim Tebow fan. It doesn’t matter  to me whether he becomes a Hall of Famer or is out of the NFL in two years. I will tell what I do like, and it’s one of the reasons I like sports so much. It’s when the unexpected happens. The stuff that just doesn’t seem like it should be happening.

Tim Tebow threw 8 passes Sunday completed 2 for 69 yards. Denver beat the Kansas City Chiefs 17-10. I just had to laugh watching the football experts trying to explain just how in the world Tebow and all his questionable mechanics are 3-1 as starter, while Kyle Orton veteran NFL quarterback was 1-4. Yes John Fox is building the offensive play calling around Tebow’s skills, and yes the Bronco defense has only given up more than 24 points once, but still I have to admit I like seeing this.

I liked it Cam Newton was criticized during the pre-season, and now is a rookie sensation for the Carolina Panthers. You think you know what should be a proto-typical quarterback, running back, or something else, and you don’t always. Heck maybe this Tebow experiment comes to an end in a few weeks and he doesn’t win another game, but for now I’m enoying see these NFL folks trying search for reasons why he’s winning.

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