Penn State story just saddens me.

I sat down tonight with the full intent to write about some of the sports I love to follow, and I just couldn’t. With all that is going on an Penn St it’s kind of hard to just write about fun topics, when anywhere from 8-20 or more children were abused. The alleged acts so heinous and incomprehensible, that the accused Jerry Sandusky should never see the light of day of again.

I don’t care what about whose image is tarnished or whose legacy was damaged. I don’t want to get into what Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier or Mike McQueary should have done. Others have tackled this topic much better than I could have.

I do think Penn State Board of Trustees has done the right thing cleaning house. It had to be done. Penn State needed to turn the page. What I do know for sure is that an evil predator preyed on young children and that is saddest part of this whole story.

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