10 Reasons why there should not be a LSU Alabama rematch for the BCS Title.

The game of the century was Saturday night, 1 vs 2, LSU vs Alabama. It’ was a hard hitting, back and forth defensive struggle, that LSU won 9-6 in Tuscaloosa. If you like defense, it was a classic. I like defense I thought it was a heck of a game, but I don’t want to see these two play again in the BCS title game. I got several reasons why.

1. LSU won at Alabama. How is that fair that the Tigers would be forced to beat Alabama a second time and on a neutral field at that?

2. An undefeated Oklahoma St. deserves the nod over a one loss Bama team. The Cowboys would have top 25 wins over Texas, Kansas St, and Oklahoma. That would be a great matchup, the Cowboys prolific offense against LSU’s defense.

3. An undefeated Stanford team deserves the nod over a one loss Bama team. There could be a win over a top 10 team in Oregon, same as LSU, and wins over decent USC and Notre Dame teams. Come on Andrew Luck playing the SEC’s best team that would be great.

4. An undefeated Boise St. team deserves the nod over a one loss Bama team. Ok this is where things get dicey. Would Boise St. beat Alabama on a neutral field? I don’t know, but I do know that the Broncos toyed and I mean literally toyed with likely SEC East Champ Georgia in a virtual home game for the Dawgs. We’ve seen the non-AQ schools beat the Oklahomas, the Alabamas, the Wisconsins, it’s time for the debate to come to an end. An undefeated Boise St. should get their shot if OSU and Stanford lose.

5. Did you see Alabama’s kicking game and quarterback issues? West Virginia lit up LSU and their great defense up for over 500 yards of offense. The Tide could barely throw a forward pass. This isn’t a team despite an outstanding defense that should leapfrog undefeated Oklahoma St, Stanford, or Boise St. teams.

6.  I firmly believe if you don’t win your conference, you shouldn’t play for national title under the current system.

7. In the BCS’s current format the regular season is the playoff. You lose you’re out, or you better hope some teams in front of you lose. How often has the NCAA basketball tournament had 2 of its best teams play before the title game?  Alabama might be the country’s 2nd best team, but for now they should on the outside looking in.

8. I want there to be an outcry if Alabama doesn’t make the title game. This will be the only way that the +1 or 4 team playoff will ever happen. Like I said the Tide may well be the 2nd best in the country, but we’ll never know, we can only speculate because of the BCS system.

9. We’ve mentioned that it wouldn’t be fair for LSU to have to beat Alabama twice, can you imagine what a complete mess we’d have on our hands if Stanford or Oklahoma St. is undefeated and a 1 loss Alabama wins the national title. Split title?  Controversy? Ugh…

10. While the LSU/Alabama game was great, been there done that.

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