Better for ACC Football, BCS Title Team or Several good teams?

ACC fans understand the conference is always fighting for national respect when it comes to football. This season the ACC has a team in the BCS Title conversation, the Clemson Tigers. The Tigers are ranked 6th in both major polls and 5th in the BCS Standings, and sit 8-0. There’s no question they’ve got a shot at the Title Game if they run the table, and get a break or two along the way. Titles are what count right? Does this help the ACC’s perception in football?

In the 90s Florida State was consistently in the national title race, but so dominated the ACC, that the ACC was often considered Florida State and everybody else. Is it actually better if Georgia Tech pulls the upset gets to 7-2 and re-enters the top 25? That would give the ACC 3 top 25 schools, plus a Florida State team that appears close to getting back in as well.

Does either scenario not really help, unless the conference wins their OOC matchups? When Clemson beat Auburn, Miami hammered Ohio State, and Georgia Tech set records against Kansas, people took notice. At the end of day you root for your team, obviously, but in the long run how does the ACC raise its national perception?




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