When your national title shot comes down to inches…

There’s one thing I guess the BCS creates, and that’s weeks before the national title game a handful inches can end a very good’s team national title hopes. When Michigan St. beat Wisconsin on a miracle Hail Mary pass in the final seconds of their game Saturday, the Badgers National Title Hopes effectively came to an end. That’s why I’m not huge 8 or 16 team playoff guy. I’m a +1 or 4 team playoff guy.

Throw in Texas Tech’s epic upset of Oklahoma, and the Sooners are basically finished too when it comes to playing for the National Title. Who are the teams feeling the best right now? That would be Boise St., Clemson, and Stanford. LSU, Alabama, and Oklahoma knew they could play their way into the title game. For that matter even Kansas St. can given their backloaded schedule to end the season, Boise St., Clemson, and Stanford needed help. The first two dominoes fell Saturday. Let the fun begin.

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