Opportunity awaits the ACC on Saturday.

This post won’t be an in depth analysis of the big non-conference games featuring ACC teams tomorrow. We know the games already; we’ve been talking about them since before the season started. Obviously Kansas isn’t in the class of the other 4 non-conference teams, but hey its still ACC vs Big 12,11,10,9… A Georgia

 Tech loss would create a good bit of negative pub for ACC football, and we don’t need that. Tomorrow’s lineup of BCS non-conference opponents is below.

Maryland vs West Virginia 12 PM ESPNU

Clemson vs Auburn  12 PM ABC

Georgia Tech vs Kansas  12:30 PM RSN

Miami vs Ohio State 7:30 ESPN

Florida State vs Oklahoma 8:00 ABC

 The last few years have been rough for us ACC fans. BCS losses, Bowl losses, non-conference rival losing streaks and just plain old defeats to other non-conference teams. There have been some nice wins here and there, but overall you know the story. The ACC doesn’t get much respect when it comes to football. Tomorrow can start changing some perceptions, and if you’re a fan of an ACC school you should be rooting for your conference brethren.

Florida State if you want a shot at the national title, you need future opponents Miami, Clemson, and Maryland to be as good as possible. Clemson fans have been demanding the ACC be an elite football conference for years. You’ve got upcoming games with Georgia Tech, Maryland, and a potential monster matchup with Florida State if you both win. Remember a few years ago when a highly ranked Georgia Tech team came to Clemson in a primetime affair? You will surely have that atmosphere if not better with a top 5 ranked FSU team coming to Death Valley.

 Good ACC teams = more notoriety for the ACC, and isn’t that what every ACC fans wants?  At the end of the day that means more notoriety for your favorite ACC team. It’s about time the ACC start establishing itself  as one of the better football conferences in America. It can start tomorrow.

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