You’re awesome Baylor for trying to delay Texas A&M’s move to SEC.

This conference expansion business is reaching all new levels of hilarity. Yes hilarity… Last night Texas A&M was such a foregone conclusion to SEC that Twitter spent more time talking about West Virginia as the SEC’s newest 14th team. So as I’m checking out the sports news today looking for the official announcement of the Aggies to the mighty SEC, I find out the whole thing is being held up not by SEC Votes, Texas, Oklahoma, or some other conference, but the Baylor Bears.

Really this is just too good to be true. The same Baylor Bears who’ve been to exactly 1 Bowl Game since 1994, which they lost have put up probably only a temporary snag , but still a snag in the entire expansion process as reported by CBSSportsline. I think it’s awesome.

It’s not like you can blame Baylor. If the Big 12,11,10,9 dissolves, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, and probably Texas Tech and Missouri will be fine. Heck even Kansas, Kansas St and Iowa State seem Big East bound, but Baylor say hello to Conference USA or the Mountain West. The Bears had to do it. I would if I were them. I just find it so funny that the moves to the Pac 12, SEC and others are all being held up by Baylor. Now the A&M officials are calling foul, and SEC felt like they had the remaining Big 12’s team’s buy in, and now they apparently don’t. 

This is the equivalent of throwing an 80 yard Touchdown with 1 second on the clock. You don’t think it’s possible, but what if Baylor managed to pull this off? The Baylor Bears put a screeching stop to conference expansion. Come on that’s a movie… I’m reading Iowa State may be against it too.

Who do you blame for all this? Texas for the Longhorn Network, Texas A&M for taking it’s ball and running to the SEC, Nebraska, Colorado who bailed at the first sign of trouble. How about ESPN for supporting the Longhorn Network? Who knows and does it even matter anymore?

All I know is that if Texas A&M isn’t in the SEC by 5 PM tomorrow, then Baylor will have accomplished what it set out to do and that is *$&#(# this whole thing up, at least for a little while. I’m hoping the Bears holdout, and keep the fun going.


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