Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere September 6, 2011

Week 1 of the College Football Season is in the books. The story of week in the ACC seems to be the uniforms the Maryland Terrapins wore on Monday night’s primetime game with Miami. I’ll be honest at first I thought my goodness, those are awful, especially the helmets. I kind of liked the classic one I have pictured.

By the end of the 32-24 victory for Maryland, they were actually growing on me a little. Well not the helmets still, those uniforms which led into discussion of the game and Danny O’Brien’s 340+ yard passing brought plenty of national attention to Maryland. I’m sure they don’t have a problem with that. How did Maryland bloggers view the uniforms and games? TestudoTimes likes the buzz they created. 

Boston College Blogger BCInterruption addresses the wild rumor of Texas going to the ACC. Like BCInterruption says even if there’s not any truth to this rumor what so ever, it is nice to see the ACC beig written about with a pro-active stance. My feeling on this? Anything and Everything is possible however unlikely even if ACC Commissioner John Swofford basically refuted this yesterday.

After week 1 how would you rank the ACC? Check out ACC Blogger’s rankings.

TobaccoRoadMayor a Duke Blog gives us a little history on the Duke\Carolina basketball rivalry.  There isn’t a better rivalry in basketball, and it’s one of the best in sports.

The biggest hard luck result of the first week’s game had to be Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons dominated on the road at Syracuse for just over 3 quarters, when things went all went wrong. All I could think, wow this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Wake Forest 4th collapse. Wake Forest blogger BloggerSoDear is understandably getting a little frustrated with this.

SouthernPigSkin takes a quick look at the upcoming week 2 games in the ACC. Some interesting games on tap… Rutgers vs North Carolina, The High Octane offense of East Carolina vs Virginia Tech, Virginia vs Indiana and a hide the wife and kids game in Stanford vs Duke.   

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