Don’t bother doubting Boise St. or LSU.

There seem to be two things that come up every college football season. One is that Boise St. isn’t one of the very best football teams in the country and the other is that LSU Les Miles isn’t one of the best coaches in college football. You know they are out there. The doubters even with all the evidence out there, but I’m telling you don’t bother questioning Boise St. or the coaching at LSU, because there’s no point anymore.

Let’s start with Boise St. I heard an argument the other day that the reason Boise St. could win games against BCS conference schools was because they only needed to get up for these and 1 or 2 other games a year. Ok fine that would make sense if these big games weren’t right at the beginning of the year or in the bowl season, when both teams are equally prepared and rested. Saturday Boise St. went down into the heart of SEC country of Atlanta, Georgia to face a talented but desperate Georgia Bulldog team in front of about 65,000 Dawg fans. No matter the Broncos dominated the game in a not as close as the score indicated 35-21 win.

It’s so impressive the precision Boise St. plays with. It’s textbook, and it’s only getting better. Back in 2007 when Boise St. beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl it was outscoring teams with trick plays and a little luck. Now the Broncos just beat you up front, in the trenches. Just ask Georgia. Boise St.’s quarterback Kellen Moore surgically shredded apart the Bulldogs defense for 3 touchdowns completing 28 out of 34 passes. Now I’m not saying Boise St. would go undefeated in a BCS conference. They wouldn’t but they would win 9 or more games a year. Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Georgia, those are all victims of Boise St. They are that good, and as well coached by Chris Peterson as any team in the country. They may find themselves at the end of the season playing in the BCS title game against LSU.

LSU? The team that Les Miles coaches? Les Miles the guy that can’t manage end of game situations and is basically the luckiest coach in America?  That’s the team and coach that just manhandled a top five ranked Oregon squad 40-27. Never mind the Tigers had to play without their starting QB Jordan Jefferson. Saying Les Miles is lucky is so 2 years ago. Miles was able to focus and guide his team to the most impressive win of the opening weekend. How impressive? So impressive that I had LSU\Oregon in PIP with the Boise St.\Georgia game, and I never turned up the audio once, because LSU controlled the game easily against the Ducks.

When you force Oregon QB Darren Thomas to throw it 54 times, then you are probably going to win. That’s what LSU does under Les Miles. They win, and they win a lot. Nearly 79% of their games since Miles arrived there in 2005. He’s also got a national title. OK there have been a couple of times the Tigers got a little lucky in winning a game, but more often than not LSU just beats you. The Tigers can thank Les Miles for making them one of the best programs in America.


  1. Del Benjamin Sr says:

    Bosie is Overrated put them against teams with good defense they have a pop wana division, i want to see how kellen moore deals with getting hit ncaa put them against sec power house bosie is a joke play real teams with D

  2. Jfann says:

    Boise St. will go on the road and play any team ready for them. Who exactly should they play? Alabama or LSU? If the polls allow they may get their chance in the National title Game.

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